Showing off with wife sharing

Today we are going to delve into the minds of men who enjoy showing off with wife sharing.
There are many reasons a man may be into sharing his wife. There are countless ways he may enjoy doing it. In the case of a Stag sharing his Vixen the most common method in its most simple state is to watch her with another man.
Though his reasons for enjoying this activity will be a mix, one of those reasons could very well be that he wishes to show off.

Some men love showing off the things they consider to be of great value or special to them. They may like to brag about their accomplishments and possessions.
The man that flashes his designer watch, or makes sure people know all about the brand name Jacket he owns is an example of someone bragging about both his choices which he considers amazing, and his possessions.
The guy who polishes his automobile regularly and holds it dear may consider it a reflection of his worth. He has a great thing and he wants you to know about it.
A man may even brag and show off when it comes to his position at work. He’ll casually mention his position at whatever company he works for. He will then either talk his company up to glorify his position more, or he’ll talk it down to make a point of how he is such an important part of the company. They’d probably fall apart without him.
It is important to him. It bolsters his belief in himself of being great if he shows off and receives validation.

We are all wired differently, and the things we put value in are all different. Finding like-minded people is important in showing off as well. If your passion is collecting vinyl records you wish to show off to people who like vinyl records. If it’s your big passion you may attempt to show off your records to people who have no interest, and maybe even convert them to aficionados of vinyl, but you would prefer a like-minded person.

Consider a man who holds his wife up as his greatest prize now. He may have had a great car and a very rare Rolex, but once he met her the crome on those wheels lost its shine and the gold of that Rolex lost its luster. His wife is his most prized possession. It is his greatest achievement to have won her to his side. He may be a big-time CEO of a multi-conglomerate, or maybe a best-selling author, but he’d rather talk about his wife. He likes to show her off. He may still need validation about his choices in designer jeans or rare sneakers. He may still like to brag about his job. His wife who he thinks is the most important thing in the world is his focus though. She is what he wants to show off the most. As both his greatest possession and achievement it is through showing her off that he will receive the most validation and biggest eggo pumps.
Most men will get off on just having others agree with them about how amazing their wives are when they are bragging. Others will get off on other men looking at their wives with appreciation. It validates their choice of a wife because it shows others like what they have.
All of this is a far cry from showing off with wife sharing, but it is a lesser form of the same thing.

Before we truly delve into the motivations of men who are into showing off with wife sharing we need to go a step deeper into the psychology of male show-offs.

Many are motivated to show off because of a desire for social validation. They are individuals searching for validation from others through displaying their accomplishments or possessions to bolster their self-confidence and worth. They get a feeling of importance from doing this. They also may need this type of validation to mask their insecurities.
The ways I described people showing off earlier can accomplish this.
Not all showoffs need to mask insecurities. Not all showoffs care about social validation.
Some are true believers and they enjoy the validation simply for inner ego boosts.
Some are so sure of themselves and whatever it is they hold in such high regard as to think they should show it off that they do so to produce envy and in some cases just to share the wealth.

I’ll use the automobile as my analogy again.
A guy has a classic auto he purchased. It is pretty and has nice paint. He loves pulling up to a place and having people look. He loves it even more if he gets an approving comment. It will make his day if that approving comment allows an opening to brag about his possession.
This guy will care for the vehicle to the level required to elicit such responses. He will make sure maintenance is done on time and treat it well. He is proud to have an automobile that gains his attention.
His motivation for having it is that people perceive it and therefore himself as cool because he possesses it and made a good choice. Validation achieved.
This very same automobile may have been another person’s true dream car. This person wanted and waited for the opportunity to get such a car until it happened. He needs no validation in his basic choice. He knows it is the most desirable car for him, but maybe not everyone else.
This man will put his heart and soul into the automobile. He’ll throw time and money into it in a way the other man wouldn’t have. It isn’t just for show. It isn’t for masking insecurities.
Whatever condition he got it in, he’ll improve it. He’s proud of his possession in a different way. He’s more concerned with how it runs, its power, its handling, and how smooth everything works than what it looks like when he pulls up someplace. Certainly, he considers that important as well, but the functionality being perfect is even more so.
He too is a showoff. He wants people to appreciate his amazing dream car.
Unlike the first guy, this guy will seek out his validation differently. When someone truly seems to appreciate his vehicle he’ll offer them a ride. He’ll show them how powerful it is, how smoothly it shifts, the way it accelerates and takes corners. He’ll offer up little details by telling them about the special customizations and showing them.
He’s sure his car will impress in every way, he knows it will make the person he is showing off to impressed and maybe even envious.
He assumes the person will always remember and think about his car. He assumes he’ll compare other classic cars to it. He’s so sure that he may even assume his automobile has set the bar for the person he showed off to.
You’ll note there are a lot of assumptions with this man. This man is showing off for different reasons than the first. He is doing this from the position of a true believer. He believes he has the ultimate vehicle, so he assumes others will see it that way as well if they have the capacity to appreciate it in the first place.

Now we can look at why guy one would possibly be into showing off with wife sharing and why guy two would be into it.

Sadly, the only reason guy one would be into it is if he was in a position where being in such a relationship bolstered his social standing.
In other words, he probably wouldn’t be into it unless for whatever reason he found himself being in a social group where other people considered it cool. He’d have no true appreciation of his wife’s activities beyond whatever it did for him socially.
If you have primarily had what I call a “vanilla life” the concept of being in such a situation may seem far-fetched, but I assure you it can happen.
At one point in my life, I both socialized and worked with people who would be considered monogamish or nonmonogamous almost exclusively.
It was accidental and happened over time. I saw social pressures applied to the few completely monogamous people in those groups. If everyone around you is polyamorous, open, swingers, etc. and the majority of the world is not monogamous people can feel a bit prudish which comes off as uncool. Pressure.
Now, back to the topic. In my opinion guy one should not be sharing his wife. It could end in disaster.

Guy two. If guy two ends up married to a woman who is into some extra and gets off on her husband’s appreciation of her we have a match like no other.
This guy will undoubtedly have about a dozen reasons he likes sharing his wife with his being a showoff possibly the least of them.
He is a true believer. He believes his wife is the best wife for him. She is his dream wife. He loves her and takes care of her in ways only he can because he truly believes she’s the one who sets the bar.
He loves to show her off, and he loves people to appreciate her. He however isn’t seeking that same type of validation guy one was because he is not insecure and doesn’t worry about his social standing because he already has what he wants. He assumes when she walks into a room people find her attractive. He assumes people think thinks she’s great. He knows she is special, so he doesn’t assume everyone will think so. He will think that those who don’t are lacking something though.
Since he is a showoff and he thinks he has the greatest wife that could be, if people appreciate her in the right ways, and because he has a ton of other motivations as well, he may wish to share her sexually. She is the best in his mind, and he assumes others will find her amazing.
There is validation in this. He gets most of it from watching and thinking how sexy she is, but some from the man’s wanting her.
He gets a lot of validation from his assumptions that afterward, the man he shared his wife with will want more. He assumes the man will even envy him after getting a taste of what he has all the time.

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NOTE: There are many reasons a man will develop a need to show off variously. I primarily covered two of the big ones that can relate to wife-sharing. When talking about wife sharing I’m talking about all forms of consensual nonmonogamy where the wife has extra sexual play with people outside of the marriage. Swinging and hotwifing obviously, but other dynamics as well.
I did not touch on a third big reason men may find themselves showing off with wife-sharing. That reason is about dealing with insecurity and overcoming inadequacy that may be real or imagined.
This is a big one, but I left it out because I wished to focus on reasons that could be applied to a Vixen and Stag dynamic.
This one can exist with many other variations of hotwifing and it can be seen in the swinger lifestyle semi-often, but just can’t exist at all with a Vixen and Stag relationship because it would negate the possibility of building the Vixen and Stag dynamic in the first place. The root cause of insecurities is a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. One of the basic building blocks of being a Stag to a Vixen is having a good amount of self-esteem and self-worth.