Vixen Games are what hotels are for

Vixens and Stags have a variety of play styles and preferences. They also have a variety of preferences in play locations, but for a majority, the hotel room is the big go-to.
As time is limited for most of us in this crazy life when you add in Vixen and Stag play it ends up that those sexy shenanigans wind up as a big chunk of your adult free time.
Before getting into hotwifing hotels where you stayed to sleep when traveling for work or going on vacations.
After introducing hotwifing Vixen Games are what hotels are for.
It is where most of us play.

The reasons why are pretty simple.
Here are just a few.

  • Hotels are convenient. Everything is pretty much set up for you already and it takes no extra work.
  • Often hotels can be found in between where a Vixen and Stag live and where the extra playmates or playmates live. This makes travel easier if traveling out of town is part of your play style.
  • Anonymity is easier to maintain. Many Vixens and Stags don’t want other people knowing exactly who they are, where they live, or what they do outside of hotwifing.
  • It is a safe place. Going to a potential bull’s home or having them come to your home if you don’t know each other well isn’t always the safest thing to do.
  • No major cleanup is required. Just as everything is set up for you when you arrive, you don’t need to clean up completely after. I’d suggest however that minor cleanup should be done if you’ve made an especially odd mess of things just because it is polite to do so. If you don’t, then tip accordingly.
  • Hotels are a generic setting that allows people to step outside of their daily roles. Often a Vixen likes to put on a bit of a show that is above and beyond her normal mannerisms sexually. She may even play with completely different personas while with a new man and her husband is watching. Being in your own bedroom doesn’t promote such behaviors. A hotel does. This is especially true if the Vixen enjoys getting dressed up for her Vixen Games in a fashion unlike what she would do in her day-to-day life.
  • Hotels make for a relaxing and private evening even if the Vixen Games get ruined for some reason. For example, a no-show bull or a guy unable to perform with another man watching can be a downer. If at the man’s home, it is extremely awkward. If at your own home, you must get them out the door and your night is probably going to be watching a movie and being bummed about it. Comfortable probably, but not awesome. In a hotel, you can just enjoy your zero responsibility alone time and love each other in a different environment. It can still be an extra sexy night.

There are also clubs, house parties, and special events of course. Some people even keep small apartments specifically for Vixen and Stag play if their finances allow it easily.
Most of us can’t do that, so hotels are the most obvious places to go.
You can book, check-in, and check out of many hotels online without ever even dealing with a nosy desk clerk.
You can book, check in, go enjoy a nice dinner, meet a guy for drinks and a vibe check, and then take them to your room or just go back yourselves and make a night of it together.
Hotels don’t require you to stay the night, just use the room for play and head home if you want.
Versatile and easy.

Vixen Games are what hotels are for. The hotels know this too. Why else is that chair always in the corner facing the bed? It is obviously because they know a certain segment of society requires it. They know some men wish to sit comfortably and watch their wives orgasm with others as a form of foreplay. They are catering to us.
That is probably not the main reason, but that is what I am going for because that is what the chair is for in my world.

Vixen Games are what hotels are for with Vixen and Stag T-shirt

Since Vixen Games are what hotels are for if you are a Vixen and Stag couple I decided it should be a shirt/sticker. The T-shirt can be had HERE – What hotels are for Vixen games hotwife shirt.
I had fun making this design. She’s happy, a bit frazzled, and glowing. In the corner is a man who just witnessed something that has him in high spirits as well. It’s like looking in on a just after it happened moment. It is also in my mind a just-about-to-happen moment because that guy in the corner is going to be joining that woman on the bed. It is reclaiming time. There is no doubt that these two think Vixen Games are what hotels are for.
You can get the sticker HERE – Hotel Hotwifing Sticker by Vixen Games if you’d like.