Why Vixen Wives have happy lives

This topic exists because of the image rather than the image existing because of the topic. The design came first. The text reads “Vixen Wives Lead Happy Lives” and My original intent with the image came about from my thinking about the extra pleasures that a Vixen receives compared to the average monogamous wife.
I made the design and posted something about it on Reddit.
People on Reddit are pretty unfiltered, and conversations and questions abound.
After the post being on Reddit for less than an hour I ended up deciding Why Vixen Wives have happy lives needed to be addressed here on Vixen Games as a topic.

Why Vixen Wives have happy lives

As I mentioned above, my original intent with this image came about from my thinking about the extra pleasures that a Vixen receives compared to the average monogamous wife. I was thinking about the extra sex and attention from others. I was thinking physically.
In the image, we have a worn-out, slightly frazzled, very happy, and satisfied woman who has recently been very active.
Happy for sure.
Such moments will obviously add to the overall happiness of a person if everything else in life is in order. Such activities don’t get the credit for being the big reason Why Vixen Wives have happy lives though.

I’d even go so far as to say it is one of the least parts of what goes into why Vixen Wives Have Happy Lives.
Without those extra bits of sexual fun and the spicey dynamic between the primary couple, it helps create we’d be in trouble, but really the situation is only so fun and exciting for the Vixen because of her Stag.
Without his being a part of everything what does she have? Rando sex? If that was all it took for pure joy to exist in a person everyone would be aiming at half a dozen casual hookups a day.
In practice, people who are single, or who cheat, or are in general in the vanilla world usually end up feeling the exact opposite of happy from such behavior on a large scale.
They often feel foolish, guilty, filled with emptiness, shame, etc. Rarely is the description super happy and content with everything.
Why then can a Vixen behave in a similar, but markedly different manner than those other types and come out of it feeling grand?

This is where we get to look deeply into Vixen and stag dynamics.
A Vixen and Stag are in all ways except sexually and only within certain boundaries monogamous. They are a unit. They are even often overly possessive of each other by many people’s definitions. They are monogamous in mind, in emotion, and in all actions outside of their sexual play boundaries. The play is just that too. They are not polyamorous, nor are they socially promiscuous.
What they do is for them as a couple and part of their own private relationship.
If a Vixen has sex with half a dozen men with her Stag cheering her on and waiting for his moment they are in a sense still having sex with each other.
There is no worry of the vixen feeling foolish, used, guilty, filled with emptiness, shame, etc. because she is acting within the boundaries of what they have created as their own relationship of love, trust, and sharing.
Both the Vixen and the Stag are involved and both have agreed. He is her support, her fan, and also her gatekeeper. Everything they do is for them both. These games are enhancements to their already close and loving relationship.

Only in a Vixen and Stag dynamic does it play out in this manner.
It is a great thing, and if a couple of people are wired just right and fall madly in love it can happen.
There are many forms of consensual nonmonogamy. Lots of monogamish people also consider themselves monogamous in all ways except sexually.
Many run close parallels to a Stag and Vixen couple, but aren’t quite the same so often don’t allow for the same positive outcomes.

Take swingers for example. They, like hotwifing couples, come in many varieties, but few would find it a marriage enhancement for the wife to act in a manner as I described earlier on a regular basis.
I’ve journeyed through the world of the swinger lifestyle off and on a good bit. Many years, and many couples I’ve met. Exceptions exist, but most couples who swing would crash and burn if the wife wanted to play that much either regularly or on occasion with the male half not getting his perceived due. That holds true even for most swinger couples I have met where the man had voyeuristic tendencies or was a wife watcher.
An occasional wild night or maybe on a cruise would be alright. They may even brag about the time or two their wife decided to be the center of attention to a bunch of people at a club, but not something they’d want to be the norm.

Hotwives? A Vixen is a hotwife.
Like those who partake in the swinger lifestyle, the people who live the hotwife life have many ways they can go about it.
The men married to hotwives get off in various ways through their wives’ activities. The wives themselves do as well. In some cases, they are even getting off on the very things I mentioned earlier as bad outcomes. Some hotwives like to feel used, and some men like to think of their wives that way. Feelings of guilt can be a huge turn-on for some people. Some cucks’s primary driving force to want to have their wives be with other men is the shame they feel.
A majority of men rather than a minority who have a cuckolding fetish want to feel humiliated in some manner through the experiences.
No Stag ever wants to feel any humiliation or shame. He certainly doesn’t want his Vixen to feel those things. He’s a protector that finds her amazing so the idea of her feeling dirty or poorly used would generate anger rather than lust.
He also gets off on her getting off and feeling appreciated.

Compersion. A lot of polyamorous people talk about compersion.
Compersion is the positive emotion one feels when one sees their partner involved with another person. It’s often called the “opposite of jealousy.” Try to imagine a warm feeling you may experience when you see your best friend snuggled up with their spouse.
I grabbed that definition from PsychCentral.
Compersion is real and many people in all sorts of monogamish lifestyles experience it under various circumstances.
In general, though most Swingers and few who consider themselves to be in a hotwife relationship will take it as far as many who partake in polyamory will.
Stags and Vixens certainly won’t. Neither I nor my Vixen will experience joy in the other person’s happiness from a romantic gesture while on a date to the beach with someone else. We aren’t poly.
Outside of sexual play which we are into for each other and our own relationship, we are 100% not sharing. We are monogamish, not nonmonogamous.

That right there is the key. We are always for each other. Selfishly for each other even.
Vixen play gives us a bit of frosting on an already glorious cake.
Happy? Yes. I’m happy, and the Vixen is happy. It isn’t from the sexy times though. It is from the relationship we already have which when the frosting is added just becomes overwhelmingly awesome. Why Vixen Wives Have Happy Lives is because of their Stag husbands.
Their husbands who adore them, who support them, who protect them, and who focus their attention on them unfalteringly.
They are happy because their husbands then they are amazing and sexy. They are happy because they can tease their husbands with their naughtiness. They are happy because they know they are their husband’s favorite porn star.
They love that their husband is filled with self-confidence, but at the same time allows for her to take the reins. They find joy in being in charge, and when their Stag takes it back.
There are so many things, but mostly I think it is because a Vixen always knows she is first in her Stags eyes.
If she was not she’d cease to be a Vixen.

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In no way am I promoting the Vixen and Stag lifestyle as the best of the best for everyone.
Not everyone is wired in a way that they could exist with such a dynamic.
I am not even recommending a monogamish lifestyle in general.
What is great for one person can be a nightmare for another.
We should all try and live our best lives and encourage those around us to do so as well.
If straight-up monogamy is your thing then go with it. If you are polyamorous you should chase those stars.
Swinging is fun in my book, but not everyone would agree. Swing if you want to swing, don’t shame others for having their special desires and kinks. There is no best for all, just a best for each.
If you are monogamish or practice some form of consensual nonmonogamy you should especially feel this way. We are the minority. If we have each other’s backs we can gain some acceptance. The first step is accepting everyone else’s ways as just as valid for them as your ways are for you.