Hotwife wedding rings

When cruising around the internet I’m regularly running into subject matter revolving around hotwife wedding rings.
Sometimes it is adult media where people are pointing out the rings, and often captioned “wedding ring showing,” and sometimes it is just people talking about the hotness of it showing.
Usually, it is focused on a viewpoint from the male perspective. Stags, cucks, swingers, etc. either like to see that it is a wife engaging in naughty behavior because it fuels their fantasies or that same group sharing pictures and or stories involving that ring.
Sometimes it is men who either play with hotwives or fantasize about doing so thinking it is hot.

When it is the woman’s perspective and not just something pushed by the ones who call themselves content creators hoping for clicks, it is almost always a showing off for the husband.
It seems this is a turn-on not shared by many women if it is shared at all.

As a man with a Stag/swinger mentality, I can to a certain level understand what is going on here for many men who share their wives sexually when it comes to their wives. I say to a certain level because I don’t have a fetish for the ring or get majorly turned on by its showing.
I do have the possessive nature that makes her being mine part of the overall kink of wanting to watch her with others though.
The ring is a symbol of marriage and therefore possession. It is saying “mine” the entire time it is in view.
That is one of the big reasons it can be a turn-on for men who are married to see that ring on their wives while they are playing with others.
Another reason it can be a turn-on for some men who like to watch their wives with other men is that the wedding ring often signifies a certain type of life. That is a life of monogamy. In showing the ring while being nonmonogamous in front of their husband it points out that the action is taboo and that she is being naughty. For a majority of Stag husbands naughty is desirable. For some men in the swinger lifestyle, the same can be said, but usually to a lesser degree.

That same type of man when looking at adult media may project the actions of the people they see on their screen into their fantasies of their wives.
Seeing a woman performing sexual activities in photos or videos who is wearing a ring designates her as a wife to someone which makes it more realistic to the viewer if his kinks involve his wife in that manner.
This would apply to Stags, cucks, swingers, etc. no matter what she is doing if the man is married to a woman who has encounters with others.
That ring shown in the video or image also acts to make the media more relatable to the man. He is married, he fantasizes about his wife, and he prefers to see wives in action rather than single women.

If the man has more of a cuckolding mentality or has a male submissive and female-lead relationship kink the ring his wife wears will often serve a much different purpose when it comes to hotwifing than it does for a Stag.
The cuckold can use the ring mentally as a sex prop. It is to him a sign that she is married to him, but being satisfied by others instead. He may even take it so far that the ring itself becomes somewhat of a fetish.
His hotwife will flaunt it, and if she heavily plays the game may even use it to taunt him cruelly. Examples of such things which may be talked about in fantasy play between the couple or enacted in regular life would include having the bull cum on her ring or removing her ring after intercourse and dropping it into a used condom for the cuckold to fish out.

Hotwife wedding rings can be an important aspect of the play no matter what type of husband and hotwife dynamic exists simply because of its symbolic nature. How it is used in play and perceived can be vastly different, but it can end up being a focal point to hotwifing activities.

The hotwives themselves (and swinger wives) as I noted earlier rarely share this turn-on.
For their part, it is in most cases part of a show or part of the play they engage in for the sake of their husband’s desires. Exceptions exist obviously, but usually, the excessive showing of a ring or utilization of the ring in play scenarios is meant to push the turn-on or kink buttons of the husband in some manner.
An extremely aware hotwife may also use her wedding ring as part of the play with her other sexual partners.

Many men have a special desire for married women and hotwives specifically. Single or married seems to make no difference, they find the idea of sex with a woman who is married to another man especially enticing. Some even develop fetishes for married women or hotwives that become so strong the idea of sex with a single or unattached woman seems boring and not worth it.

Since this is a site primarily focused on the Vixen and Stag dynamic and secondarily focused on monogimish lifestyles in general I am going to skip over the men who just wish for married women because they have a cheating fetish or because they feel married women are safer because they won’t be seeking marriage with them. Instead, I’ll focus on those who have a kink for sex with married women because they are another man’s wife.

Men such as these get off on the idea the woman belongs to another and are behaving in a taboo manner according to society’s general dictates.
They like the naughty aspect as much as the hotwife and husband of the hotwife do themselves.
Some like to perform in front of the husbands and some like to do it behind closed doors, but it is still a kink.
The ones who like to perform in front of the husbands of the hotwife will often go to great lengths to put on a show just as much as the hotwife will.
The wife herself can play these men as easily as they can their own husbands because they get especially turned on by what she is. What she is is a woman who is married to another man, but having sex with them. The wedding ring can again become a bit of a prop to enhance sexual activities because it is a reminder of her status. She can play on that by making sure it shows to him and that he is aware of its touch.

Most men who have this kink will rarely if ever get to live it out. The majority of married men with this mentality are in monogamous marriages with wives who will probably divorce them if they try to live out their desires. Often these men will keep their desires a secret from their wives. Some will push or even nag to try swinging. Some, if they are desirable men in their own right will eventually reach out to a hotwife pretending to be single and maybe, but doubtfully be successful.
The majority of single men with this kink also won’t act on it, but usually because of either having conflicting views about it or simply from a lack of self-confidence. They may fantasize about hotwife wedding rings on their skin, but they’ll never experience it.
Amongst those who have the boldness and self-confidence to reach out most will fail. They will usually fail because they either have little to offer or approach the couples in the wrong manner.
Thank goodness for the ones who do have something to offer and do aproach couples in a respectful way.
Without them, we’d have less fun.

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There you have it. Hotwife wedding rings are a kink and a turn-on for some people. Now you know if you didn’t know it already.