T-shirt Roundup from May 2024

Again, we were swamped adding new hotwife, vixen, stag, and swinger lifestyle shirt designs to our Vixen Games Designs site this month.
We didn’t really neglect the lifestyle articles here on Vixen Games this month, but we still didn’t have a ton. Mostly this was because we haven’t been “involved” this last month in the lifestyle so we didn’t have much inspiration for the topics.
We still have a nice Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from May 2024.
Here it is…
The Vixen-Games T-shirt Roundup from May 2024:

First on our list is this bit on Hotwife wedding rings. Some people really get into the “Wedding Ring” showing thing when play is happening. This is mostly a hotwife thing, but it can be a big deal in the swinging lifestyle as well. We take a look at that mentality and some reasons here.

Hotwife wedding Rings T-shirt for our first spot on the T-shirt Roundup from May 2024

We thought we were being pretty creative with this fiery hotwife wedding ring T-shirt design, but we almost immediately got asked for a Vixen Wife specific one. You can check that out on our other site (The Store) Here – Married Vixen hotwife ring hoodie.

Stag and Vixen dealing with judgy swingers article design from Stag and Vixen T-shirt

Dealing with judgy swingers is the next topic on our list. It’s a sad thing, but a true thing. Some of the most annoyingly judgy people when it comes to the Vixen Lifestyle come from the swinger lifestyle. Judgy, misinformed, and self-righteous. This one is on how to deal with these folks.

10 rules for swingers swinger pineapple rocket hoodie

Ten Rules For Swingers was a slightly different way of discussing things than we usually do because we linked to a video on YouTube titled Ten Rules for Swingers, which we had nothing to do with. The post is actually a bit of commentary on the video. Our T-shirt Roundup from May thus marks a new thing we may do once in a while.

Vixen Beanies vixen hotwife beanie hats

We did a post about beanies. Vixen Beanies. We live in the PNW where beanies are a pretty big deal. These are some sweet beanies with highly detailed embroidery. Vixen beanies, but obviously we design beanies for swingers, poly, etc. as well.

Next, last, but not least was this post…

Spicing up your vixen games, vixen stag and bull

Spicing up your Vixen Games was our most popular topic of the month. Get spicey!

That was it folks.

We thank you all for your patronage, and we thank you for sharing all our images, articles, and videos. It helps us a ton.
Happy hotwifing and swinging.