Pre-Hotwifing threats

Some women have a twisted sense of what is sexy and fun. They get off on stressing out their companions. For that companion, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Just for fun, I will relate to you a few of the pre-hotwifing threats I was subjugated to. To put this in context … Read more

Blindfolded with a stranger

A very common fantasy that many women enjoy is to engage in mystery sex. Blindfolded with a stranger, and wondering who they are. This fantasy can have many twists and turns rather than just being blindfolded with a stranger. To be tied and never allowed to know who it was is one such variation. In … Read more

My Husband Will Drive

Of the more common Vixen Games played one of the favorites for many couples is both easy and hard to play depending on where you live, how you interact with people socially, and the types of places you frequent when going out. That game is basically one I like to call “My Husband Will Drive.” … Read more