Hotwife and Stag baseball caps

The designs I make for all our shirts are often meant for daily wear. Some are a bit racy, and a few are even as naughty as can be for a T-shirt design, but in general, I’m trying to make a lot of fun stuff that can be worn at the grocery store without causing … Read more

Extra Hotwife Stocking Stuffers

I just wanted to type out “hotwife stocking stuffers” because it was fun to say and seemed like an innuendo. Definitely need to think of a shirt design or two to go with that one. Extra Hotwife Stocking Stuffers = The odds and ends to put in her stocking to make the event fun and … Read more

Happy Wife = Happy Life

Most Vixens are pretty happy with their lives, but it is very much dependent on the Stag to make sure she stays extra happy. One of the ways many stags can ensure their lovely hotwife vixens are kept happy is to arrange for some extra good play times. Yes, seeking out and finding her some … Read more