It’s not cheating if my husband watches

We who play Vixen Games have pretty much all heard the saying “It’s not cheating if my husband watches, and most of us have probably said it at one time or another. Either seriously or in jest we’ve most likely said It’s not cheating if my husband watches both around other people with monogamish playstyles … Read more

Blindfolded with a stranger

A very common fantasy that many women enjoy is to engage in mystery sex. Blindfolded with a stranger, and wondering who they are. This fantasy can have many twists and turns rather than just being blindfolded with a stranger. To be tied and never allowed to know who it was is one such variation. In … Read more

Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen

For some people being a Hotwife is one of the more dominant aspects of their life. They are always playing and much of their lives revolve around hotwifing. Others may include hotwifing activities in their lives as more of a rare occasional activity. The majority of Hotwives fall somewhere in the middle. The activities are … Read more