What is a stag husband?

What exactly is a stag husband? This is a common question. It is at its core easy to answer if going with the most simple definition. A Stag husband is a man who actively participates in facilitating or observing his wife’s sexual encounters with other people. He receives personal pleasure from encouraging and providing a … Read more

Does your husband approve?

The question is usually a bit more passive, something like “Does your husband know?” or “Is your husband ok with it?” rather than a strait “Does your husband approve?” It is still basically the same question. It is a valid question for people not in the know. As are the more direct versions which often … Read more

Hotwives on vacation

Some hotwives are out and proud with their lifestyle. Most however keep it under wraps. It is a secret part of their lives from all or most people they know outside of a very few who don’t also partake in the games. The reasons for keeping it secret are many. Work, family, and constantly needing … Read more