Hotwives on vacation

Some hotwives are out and proud with their lifestyle. Most however keep it under wraps. It is a secret part of their lives from all or most people they know outside of a very few who don’t also partake in the games. The reasons for keeping it secret are many. Work, family, and constantly needing … Read more

Vixen Club – Our Husbands Like To Watch

Hotwives aren’t always into their husbands watching them. Of the ones that are, they have all sorts of different motivations. A lot of hotwifing is based around a cuckolding narrative, but rarely so with the ones who are Vixens. A Vixen needs a stag, and a stag is not a cuck. The motivations, actions, participation … Read more

Happy Wife = Happy Life

Most Vixens are pretty happy with their lives, but it is very much dependent on the Stag to make sure she stays extra happy. One of the ways many stags can ensure their lovely hotwife vixens are kept happy is to arrange for some extra good play times. Yes, seeking out and finding her some … Read more