Our Designs

I use a combination of traditional art techniques, paint, Photoshop, and a few other programs to make most of the designs you will find here on Vixen-Games for our shirts, stickers, cups, leggings, dresses, etc.

As such things are not great for brick-and-mortar type sales, we are using POD services to make them available. Primarily they are geared towards Vixens, but you’ll find designs suited for many other hotwife and swinger-wife dynamics, as well as tons of things created with Stag husbands in mind.

Our own Store is located on our sister site VixenGamesDesigns.Com The site itself is our design board for all of the shirts, tanks, hoodies, and hats we create. The catalog section is separate. You can go straight to your favorite sections by following any of these links.
Vixen Games T-shirts and Tanks
Vixen Games Hoodies
Vixen Games hats and Beanies
Vixen Games Bikinis
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But wait, there is more!

Here is a guide to our most popular POD store sections (SO Far)

  1. Vixen Games Women’s shirts via our Vixen-Games Spreadshop.
  2. Sexy Fun Leggings via our Vixen Love Zazzle store. (a popularity surprise)
  3. Our Vixen and Stag Favorite Cups collection via the Vixen Love Zazzle store.
  4. The main mix (everything) on Zazzle for Vixen Games – Vixen Love Store.
  5. Our super cool Redbubble – Vixen Games Redbubble Store.

The designs vary from place to place as does what is offered.

If you see them (the designs) being offered elsewhere than through a POD as Vixen Games or Vixen Love please let us know. I’ve tried to be original and shy away from what was already out there, so coming up with art ideas has been some work. Bummer to have others grab and go with it. Also, if you like what I am doing here, please buy through our links as we get a commission and it helps support the project.

Vixen Games Designs for vixen hotwives and stag husbands daily were and use original lifestyle designs

Lastly, if you are a vixen or stag and you have any really fun ideas you’d like to see as a design let us know. Do remember however that we are attempting to keep most of our designs G rated, and are not interested in making things that would be more than say a PG-13 type rating. You should be able to put on one of our shirts and go grocery shopping without an issue.

Thank you.