The Vixen Games Mission

When we started Vixen-Games.Com it was all about exploring the Vixen and Stag Dynamic.
As advocates of the Stag and Vixen Hotwife lifestyle, we hoped that we could help enlighten the masses about Vixens and Stags and possibly help create more acceptance for monogamish people and consensual monogamy in general.
That was The Vixen Games Mission.
So far I believe we have been successful.

The mission remains the same, but we have slowly morphed into an authority and educational site on the topic of hotwifing and hotwives in general.
We are fine with this because it seems there isn’t much out there on the subject that considers all types.
Please note however that there are no true experts on the topic, all people have biases, and we fall within the lifestyle dynamics of a Stag and Vixen couple.

As The Vixen Games Mission includes promoting acceptance and pride in lifestyle choices for those who fall outside society’s prescribed norm we try to reflect this in our T-shirt design choices.
We maintain a Design board HERE- Vixen Games Design Board where we showcase our designs.
You can also browse our Vixen Games Catalog Collection HERE if you just want to shop for some great shirts.

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To help you navigate the site we have a few nifty topic sections you can start with.

Vixen Games Subject Categories:

We hope you enjoy our site, and we are appreciative of all the support and kind words we have received so far from people who are in Vixen and Stag relationships.
We welcome your ideas for both articles and T-shirt designs.

Peace, Love & Pineapples. May the fun outweigh the hassles, and keep on spreading the word until the stigmas disappear forever.