Vixen Games

For those who are new here, we must explain what Vixen Games are.

Vixen Games are the scenarios and activities that couples whose relationship can be described as a Vixen and Stag relationship partake in or fantasize about.
All of these activities are valid whether they are acted out or left in the fantasy realm as long as they are possible in some farfetched way at least, and heat the fire between the Stag and Vixen.
In general, described Vixen Games on this website are ones some people do act out and partake in.
Note the word some.
What is possible, or a viable scenario for one couple may be extremely far-fetched for another.
Just because a fantasy sounds hot doesn’t mean it needs to happen in real life. Nor does it mean it can happen in real life just because some couples live it out.

A few reasons an idea or fantasy may be best to leave in the fantasy realm or may not be possible for a couple are:

  • A fantasy may simply be too complicated to arrange.
  • A fantasy may require resources beyond the Stag and Vixen couple’s means.
  • A fantasy may be too dangerous by the couple’s standards.
  • A fantasy may be illegal under certain circumstances.
  • A fantasy may involve a life choice they are unwilling to make.
  • A fantasy may alter their dynamic in a way one or the other may not enjoy.

The list could go on, but that is enough I believe to show why some Stag and Vixen couples would choose to leave certain ideas in the realm of just imagination and hot talk rather than live them out.

So, Vixen Games are the games played by Stag and Vixen couples revolving around their sexual and relationship dynamics.

All of the games played are mutually agreed upon and activities are consensual.

A few very simplified and common examples of Vixen Games are as follows:

  • The Stag watches from across a bar room while the Vixen who is dressed provocatively is flirted with and possibly picked up by a stranger.
  • The Stag arranges for a stranger to meet them as a couple at a hotel bar.
  • The Vixen has sex with a man or men while the husband films or photographs.
  • The Vixen is blindfolded and has sex with a man she has no idea who is.

Again, I could go on, but it is not needed. These are generic and common scenarios that are regular happenings with Vixen wives and Stag husbands. The Vixen Games posts you’ll find (Tagged Vixen Games) on the site are more in-depth and discuss variations on the themes as well.

Please note that we do not encourage anybody to take anything from fantasy to reality unless they are both 100% on the same page, sure it is what is good for them, and are both desiring to do so.

Consider the Vixen Games you find here to be fantasy only. Treat it as a form of erotica and entertainment if you wish. Don’t treat them as a to-do list.

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