Dealing with judgy swingers

Dealing with judgy swingers is something few Stags and Vixens wish to do.Many Stags and Vixens walk a fine line between what others view as the swinger lifestyle and Hotwives and Cuckoldry. They end up dealing with a lot of swingers who are ignorant about the dynamic. Oddly many swingers are more ignorant about Stags and … Read more

Spicing up your Vixen Games

If you are a new Vixen Hotwife or a new Stag it may seem a little crazy to be talking about spicing up your Vixen Games because almost every encounter is a case of fast heartbeats, new adventures, and leaves you with a wash of emotions. The thing is, no matter what you are doing … Read more

What turned her on about hotwifing before becoming a real Vixen

Earlier this month we gave you Why I decided to become a hotwife and everyone seemed to like it. It was one person’s reasons for becoming a hotwife. The deciding factors that made her go from fantasy to the real deal. Before making that decision and saying “I want to be a hotwife and will … Read more