Dealing with judgy swingers

Dealing with judgy swingers is something few Stags and Vixens wish to do.Many Stags and Vixens walk a fine line between what others view as the swinger lifestyle and Hotwives and Cuckoldry. They end up dealing with a lot of swingers who are ignorant about the dynamic. Oddly many swingers are more ignorant about Stags and … Read more

Spicing up your Vixen Games

If you are a new Vixen Hotwife or a new Stag it may seem a little crazy to be talking about spicing up your Vixen Games because almost every encounter is a case of fast heartbeats, new adventures, and leaves you with a wash of emotions. The thing is, no matter what you are doing … Read more

Hotwife wedding rings

When cruising around the internet I’m regularly running into subject matter revolving around hotwife wedding rings. Sometimes it is adult media where people are pointing out the rings, and often captioned “wedding ring showing,” and sometimes it is just people talking about the hotness of it showing.Usually, it is focused on a viewpoint from the … Read more

The No Kissing Rule

The No Kissing Rule is something a lot of couples who enter swinging start with. It is also a thing some hotwives start with.Usually, it doesn’t last long if the couple takes to the swinger lifestyle, and the same goes for hotwifing.Most swingers will avoid playing with couples who have this rule. Either they think … Read more