Your Host

I’m including this section so you can get an idea of who I am, and why I decided to put this site together.

My name is Åron and I am a lifelong artist. The images you find on this site which are of my making (not all are, but most will be) I do not consider art. They are quickly made designs specifically for the topic this site is targeted towards. That topic is the Vixen and Stag dynamics and games which fascinate me.

I myself do not consider myself a Stag exactly. I am rather an observer of the world with varied interests, and this is one of them. I’m a middle-aged male who for the most part just paints pictures in my waking hours. How can I relate?
Well… the first half of my adult life was lived pretty much as closely as one can live it as a pure libertine in this modern world. I have lived in a way that most of the critical vocal masses who like to dictate to others how they must behave would consider being morally corrupt.
For example this very topic, but I’ve also visited those crazy private clubs people talk about, have worked in the adult industry, have lived in a long-term polyamorous triad, experimented with common and uncommon kinks, and basically been a vocal critic of serial monogamy my entire life.
That is the big one. The pushers of serial monogamy have always annoyed me because usually they vocally champion actual monogamy, but practice serial monogamy instead. It has always seemed to be one of the most hypocritical stances a person can take.
I am not against people who practice serial monogamy, just against the preaching that total monogamy is the end-all and only way by people who in reality just switch up partners over and over again. That isn’t monogamy.
It is like listening to a person eating one grape every few minutes telling me that it is wrong to eat two or three grapes at a time. We both ended up eating a bunch of grapes, we just did it differently.

To each their own I say. How you live and love should be nobody’s business that isn’t directly involved.

So that is where I came from to semi-relate with past experiences.

This is where I’m at on the topic.

The opposite of those hypocritical social dictators that declare total monogamy the only way to play relationship games is not being a person just bouncing around from person to person without direction.
The opposite way (in my view) is to seek and find that special connection in another human. Never settle, seek, and find your soulmates.
Then live with your partner or partners as your true self, and explore together. Be best friends first, be honest, push each other’s envelopes, play with each other’s fantasies, and help each other grow. Amuse rather than stifle.

Where I see that the most is with couples and triads who don’t push for total monogamy. I’m sure groupings beyond that of a triad exist that do this, but I’ve never in person met those who’ve been together many years happily and explored these things long term.

Couples in the swingers lifestyle are where I’ve witnessed it the most, and secondly in couples who are just generically open, but otherwise bonded. The commitments are firm, but the taboos and relationship rules are of a personal nature rather than those they’ve been told to adhere to by the mob.
I like that.

So… hotwives and vixens… Basically in my view, this is a bump up on the ladder of cool.
The committed and loving wife, but sexual, empowered, and pleasing both herself and her husband with her activities.
That is hot.
If I am in the position of the stag I know my vixen is not just pleasing herself, but she is also aware and purposely pleasing me.
If I am the man playing with someone else’s wife and I know they are a stag and vixen couple I am aware that my job is not just to please the woman and myself, but to give whatever it is as far as a show or play style that the husband is desiring as well.
Basically, however you play it, all three people are involved and need a certain type of satisfaction. This is true even with scenarios where the hotwife plays on her own and the stag awaits her return.
and these people… these couples… are together because they want to be.
I like that too.

So, that is it. I’m not a constant participant in such activities. Instead, I am just an artist with an interest in how these couples and the singles who play with them navigate their relationships and play times. I enjoy the dynamics. I love the games. Anymore I mostly just do my art. I can vicariously experience this through others while I paint on my canvases.

The shirts and stuff came about because of my interest in hotwives. I noticed that many T-shirts existed, but they were all boring and same-o same-o. I thought maybe I should make some fun and interesting ones. Play with styles and various lifestyle wants. I also wished to make them mostly G-Rated so they were not just for special days and times. Shirts that advertise the lifestyle, but in a way that only an observer in the know would get. If you know, you know, but if you don’t it is just a shirt. I break that rule on some, but I’m keeping them G-rated and Pg-13 in general. No F words, and an innuendo goes farther than a straight-up dirty saying any day in my book. So some are for anybody, some are for the semi-out, some are for special times, and not so much every day. The everyday ones are the most fun to make though.