Cream Dream

When I am cruising around the internet, something very prominent when it comes to Vixen and Stag fantasies and play desires is the creampie. Is the cream dream real? In fantasy land a lot of people say this is a big thing, but then when looking at actual profiles on specialized websites that actor to people who play the games it is the norm for those profiles to specifically say that they play with a glove. Not just that they do, but that it is 100% required.
If correspondence via the internet does not question this or specifically confirms it, usually condoms are used… at least the first time playing with a specific person or people.
It has been my experience however that if you meet people at a gathering which doesn’t allow on-premise play, and then run off someplace else to play it is more like a 50/50 chance the people will bring condoms into play, and if you (I) do, often there exists a bit of disappointment at the request.
Strangely (to me at least) in a club atmosphere where the club pushes condoms for play, it is the norm and expected to glove up at all times. Those that don’t are the outliers. It is bad behavior. I have liked this about clubs.

So, when the rules don’t specifically say it, we find the rules change pretty often. Even with people that regularly do use condoms, it seems that semi often there are exceptions. Certain people, certain scenarios, certain games. That is reality. It is a mixed bag, and it ranges from those that cast all caution to the wind, to those who require both testing and condoms.

What drives this differing behavior in various people also is a mixed bag. STDs, pregnancy, intimacy, etc. all contribute to the gloving decisions. Hatred of condoms in general, lack of it seeming personal or decreased stimulation can push people away from using the things.

For some people it is a total turnoff to go raw, but for many, it is a huge turn-on. The finish is something that is a huge part of many people’s sexual fantasies. The male wants to cum inside the woman, and the woman gets off on both the male’s desire and the idea that she is being filled up.

Obviously, it is wiser to use a condom and play “safe.”
That is what you should do. Again, pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and for some… intimacy.
If we want to be truthful, the safest thing is to not do it at all. Abstinence.
You also shouldn’t eat processed foods. Abstinence.
We all will make our own decisions as to what we do. Everything is dangerous it seems.
For some, it is almost not an option.
Putting on condoms is akin to people that love things made with flour and/or sugars giving up all carbs forever and trying to enjoy food.
That finish, the cuming inside, or on, or whatever is the finale and big bang for them.
For some, it is a straight-up fetish.

It is a very common one for many vixens. It is common in, and part of many hotwives play in general. It is also sometimes a big part of the husband’s play desires if a Stag or a cuckold type husband. Their particular reasons usually differ though. Also, a Stag usually has a great need to add his own cum afterward in the reclaiming of his vixen wife, A cuckold may or may not have that. He may even get off on not being allowed or even considered worthy.

The hotwife’s motives can also differ for their want, but some wants are to me very sexy sounding. I’m not personally into the intimacy stuff, or the pregnancy risk fantasies many hold. Nor am I into the denial games. I am into the validation of the hotwife’s activities that are so obvious afterward. The thing I find very sexy that some hotwives have going on in their heads is when they are the type that simply craves that ending for their own pleasure. The Vixens who want to feel it and know it. The ones who enjoy being filled as it happens and after. The very idea turns them on. That is sexy to me that such thinking exists.

Thinking is however just thinking. Fantasy, dream, a cream dream of a hotwife vixen. It need not be acted on. Though for women who feel like that about it, possibly no point in hotwifing without it to some.

I’m a male, so I truly can only go by what I have been told, witnessed, or read when it comes to this from a female perspective.

Anyways, I had fun making a design that fits the wanton wishes of a vixen hotwife that enjoys that aspect of sex. Not everything needs to be serious in my world, so I went with cute and a visual play of ideas that gives us lots of hotwife cream dream innuendos.

vixen games cream dream vixen hotwife shirt design with bbc on side for humor

Basically, it is a cute fox in a cocktail that is just overfilled with whipped cream to the point the vixen and cream can’t even be separated, and there is a black rooster on the side of the glass. Fox = Vixen + cocktail + cream enough to make the greediest vixen overwhelmed, and the black rooster represents cock in general, but also BBC for those who desire that aspect as well. Below the cup it says “Vixen – Games” because no matter how hardcore into such activities you are, and even if it is your “lifestyle,” these various activities you play out are games. If a vixen or stag to a vixen, they are Vixen Games.

You can get this cute design which is so full of innuendos it may as well be cream as a phone case HERE – via our Zazzle Store.

The T-Shirt link for it is located HERE.