Every Day Is Cheat Day

I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said “Don’t judge me, it is my cheat day” when I was getting myself some Starbucks today and thought of it in a sexual way. Her shirt had a picture of pizza and beer on it.
When I got back to work I looked it up as a shirt. Lots of them, so obviously a popular idea, but the ones that said “Every Day Is Cheat Day” fit my way of thinking more.
I was buying a sugary coffee and donuts after all, so for me, it is every day.
I decided to get a bit goofy with it because it is supposed to be a funny innuendo how I was intending to use it.
I got super goofy.
I also got more obvious, but hey… I was thinking naughty.
End result is this.
It says Every Day Is Cheat Day with the goofy pizza so it looks like your standard cheat day humor shirt. Then it says kinda small “Just Kidding.” I went really small for the “I don’t need to cheat, my husband likes to watch” part. Why some husbands like watching their wives eat pizza is a mystery to me, but whatever floats your boat.

Cheat Day For Hotwives and Swingers who have husbands that like to watch funny swinger shirt with goofy pizza face

The level of goofy and obvious humor makes it a pretty safe shirt. The very tiny writing requires getting extra close to read as well. You can get it HERE – Every Day Is Cheat Day Hotwife Humor by Vixen-Games.

Cheating, what a weirdly used word in our society. When it comes to relationships cheating is being sexually unfaithful. Being unfaithful is not adhering to vows, allegiance, promises, or your duties.
If you are in a consensually nonmonogamous relationship you can be unfaithful by stepping outside the set parameters of your relationship, but just having sexual relations with someone outside your primary relationship is not cheating if you are within the agreed-upon rules.
There is a huge part of our population though that thinks having sex with another person besides your singular partner, with whom they believe you must be monogamous is cheating.
Even in the simplest form, say a couple soft swapping with another couple, all together on the same bed, happy as can be, it would be considered cheating to those people.”
It is all about perspective. Words can mean different things to different people.
If you are interested in the not being cheating or is cheating if the husband watches topic check this article HERE – It’s not cheating if my husband watches, as it is right on topic. Also, the design I made for it is awesome.