The Lifestyle and Christmas

The lifestyle and Christmas probably seem like two things that wouldn’t mix for the uninitiated.
Vanilla friends, family, work parties, shopping, decorating, etc. would seem to fill the month. It does.
For people in the Swingers lifestyle the month of December is even more hectic sometimes.
Both Christmas and New Year’s Eve are big party excuses.
For New Year’s Eve usually the parties are on that weekend. The swing clubs hold big events.
The only time that outshines it is Halloween.
Christmas is another matter.
New Year is on the way, and everyone is busy, but… it is an excuse to get decked out and have fun. Many in the lifestyle enjoy the getting dressed up and socializing part as much, if not more than the getting frisky part of the lifestyle.
Christmas also gives us an extra special chance to unleash our Ho Ho Ho natures. Candy canes, Mistletoe, Santa’s lap, cute costumes, gifts, etc.
Busy or not, it must happen for many.

help me make the naughty list swingers Christmas pin

Gotta make the naughty list after all.
What you are looking at here is a pin. A button is what we call them in my area, but pin I think is more common. It says “Help Me Make The Naughty List!”
It pretty much speaks for itself as a conversation-inviting image.
You can get this HERE – Vixen-Games T-Public Store.

Anyway, the Lifestyle and Christmas go hand in hand.
You may be asking “How do we engage in the Christmas parties when we are already busy with Christmas?”
Most swinger events happen the weekend before the one we actually have Christmas on. Sometimes even the weekend before that. If you’re extremely active in the lifestyle you will probably know about and be invited to a slew of house parties, fun bar meetups, and of course, you’ll get advertisements from the clubs you frequent.
Note that I said “most” when I mentioned the parties being the week before or at other times.
There are a lot of empty nesters and couples that don’t have big Christmas plans in the first place, so they are available for actual Christmas-time events. There are usually in most larger cities or surrounding areas a few going on.

The lifestyle and Christmas are both things that are supposed to bring us cheer, so be cheerful.

I'm so good Santa came twice Christmas Apron

This is a Christmas spirit apron you can get via our Vixen Games store on Redbubble. As a shirt or button, it is also available in the same place mentioned above for the button/Pin. Right HERE – Vixen-Games T-Public Store.

Santa Came Twice Vixen Games Swinger Hotwife shirt design for Christmas spirit

I think the “I’m so good Santa came twice” is my favorite of these two Christmas-themed designs.
Christmas is coming up. Get in the spirit. Make it fun. Be good and make the naughty list all at the same time.

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