Only For Funs

Online you will find a lot of hotwives who have Onlyfans and other accounts similar or related.
Fansly, Manyvids, and Loyalfans to name a few…
If their accounts take off some become major content creators.
It becomes a business.
Most didn’t start with that in mind. It was in many cases just for fun.
Instead of onlyfans being started with the intent of it being only for money, it was only for funs.
With a few it stays only for funs.
There are a ton of hotwife accounts that post sporadically at best and just for the fun of it. If some money comes in, then cool, but that isn’t the primary motivation for most of the true hotwives who have such accounts.

Some in the swingers lifestyle also do this, but when you compare how many swingers there are to how many hotwives there are in the world it is pretty obvious it’s a much more common thing for hotwives than swingers.
Swingers have a better shot at their accounts getting big and making a lot of money than hotwives too. Their lifestyle is a more common activity and fantasy so more people are apt to seek out swingers and pay to get a glimpse of either a life they can relate to or wish to be in.
Swingers are however also more apt to be closeted and less apt to be exhibitionistic than hotwives as a general rule.
Hotwives often love knowing they are other people’s fantasy.
It gets deeper though.
The husbands are the big difference.

The husbands of hotwives often idolize their wives. They want to show off their wives. They want to say to the world “Look what is mine!”
This is especially true of men who are Stags with Vixen hotwives or something similar.
It is not so often the case with the cuckold fantasy, but can be.
In general though it is extremely common for the husband of the hotwife to enjoy showing off his wife online as part of his obsession and kink when it relates to her.
He likes knowing others will fantasize about her.
For that reason it is often the Stags who start the online stuff or encourage it in a manner that gets their wives doing it.

It usually starts simply with image posts on their swinger lifestyle profile pages, in special hotwifing forums, in 18+ Reddit groups, on Twitter, or maybe in discord groups.
They as individuals slowly build a following from first photos, then gifs and small movie clips, and sometimes stories about their adventures.
There aren’t enough places to post for some of these hotwives or their husbands. They want the eyeballs on them.
The more compliments and interactions the better.
Onlyfans and the like is an obvious next step, and they are still doing it only for funs.

If the accounts take off and get huge it can be a double-edged sword. Obviously cool because it starts bringing in money, but not so cool because the couple may feel pressure to update regularly.
If it gets really big it can be cool because they can make enough money to allow for more sexual adventures, but then it can start to feel like a job. Once it becomes a job the fun starts to dwindle away.
Wanting to have hotwife play every week for fun vs feeling like you have to get down with a random guy every week to pay the bills are very different vibes.
It’s best to keep it only for funs in my opinion. Great if it gets big, but don’t let it become your full time job if you want it always to be a fun thing.

Most couples seem to share that sentiment. The number of hotwives with accounts like we are talking about on the various websites are not even countable. I have run into thousands of hotwife-related accounts on different platforms. I’d guess (but can’t know for sure) that the husband primarily operates a majority of them.
They do it for pleasure, fun, and to feel validation about their hotwives.
They get off on it.
It’s just for funs.

Hotwives, stags, swingers, or just people who enjoy showing off online all can be into it without it being just for financial purposes.

Motivations can differ, but no matter your reasons it’s all good if you are having fun.

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