Some cool reasons single men like hotwives

Over the last year or so I have copied and pasted some cool reasons single men like hotwives to a notepad file as I ran across them in various forums and comment sections where discussions were taking place.

The variety of reasons a single guy may be especially into hotwives rather than say single girls is almost endless, and some are pretty stupid.
Also, there are a lot of guys who are just into any sort of women and go for hotwives in the hopes of just having one more way to score.
They aren’t that interesting to me.
The ones I find interesting are the men who specifically have a fetish for hotwives. Men who prefer hotwives over all other sorts of women.
There is a big overlap between men who want other men’s wives in general for sex partners and men who are specifically into ethical nonmonogamy.
An element of taboo can be attached to either scenario. Also, an aspect of conquering can be involved. Either conquering another man by having his wife or concurring the wife by making her want him over the husband.
Here I am going to list some cool reasons single men like hotwives specifically over other types of wives with the dynamic being centered on ethical nonmonogamy.
Obviously these aren’t the only reasons and usually it is a combination, but I’m separating them.
These reasons are in no special order.
I’m going to list the reasons given and then include my own thoughts on their reasons.

Some cool reasons single men like hotwives.

  • I know she is into me. She is fucking me for pleasure. She isn’t dating me for any other reason besides sex. She isn’t after my money and isn’t trying to fill a void in her life. – I completely get this one. It is all for fun.
  • Hotwives are always better because they know what it is about and they are just there for fucking. They aren’t worried about if you’ll call them in the morning. Their husbands are their emotional comfort partners afterward. – Truth, we the husbands are their emotional support and rock. You are their pleasure plaything.
  • It’s cool to try and give them the best sex they ever had because you know they’ve had a lot and they have a regular partner. – I have no problems with this attitude. Please attempt to make her have the best time possible.
  • I like that most hotwives let you know what they want and don’t want. I hate single-girl one-night stands because I don’t know their rules. Do I talk dirty? Do they want to be called a slut? How hard do I pull their hair? I’m anxious the first month fucking a single girl and when it ends I don’t know why sometimes. – Yes, usually you’ll get much better communication from a hotwife and not be left wondering. Sometimes communication can be lacking though.
  • Fucking another man’s wife is hotter than anything. Knowing I’m going to send her home to him and they are going to talk about it makes me rock hard. I always go home and jack off while I think of them fucking and thinking of me. – I like this attitude, but as a Stag who is always there, I won’t be having her “sent home,” but instead will be watching.
  • They usually don’t want condoms and I ain’t afraid to knock one up. Knock up a bar bang and you get child support for eighteen years. Knock up a hotwife and you will never know. – You are correct that you would never know, and it is fine you aren’t afraid to knock up a hotwife, but that isn’t the goal and you shouldn’t really be thinking about it unless it’s some sort of fetish. Concentrate on pleasure for all involved instead.
  • They are just the best sex you can have. They aren’t usually very worried about anything except the sex. They’ll tell you what they want and what to do. – 100% agree best sex you’ll have if it is my Vixen. She or I will also tell you what is wanted.
  • Sluts. I want sluts who want to cum and want my cum. If you’re married and sport fucking you are a slut. The only thing better than a hotwife or swinger is an actual pornstar. I once got to get down with a kinda famous onlyfans hotwife off camera and it was the best experience of my life. – I’m not sure my Vixen would agree with this way of thinking, but I get what you are saying and it is mostly a case of semantics and mindset that makes my thoughts different. I personally like “naughty” and differentiate between that and “sluts” in my mind. You can be a slut and not be naughty. I’d suggest feeling out the people involved before using this term with them.
  • Fucking a lady while her husband watches is intense. It’s even better if he is giving directions and telling me what he wants. He’s the director and I’m trying to win an Academy Award for best actor while his wife is going for the leading lady trophy. – I like you. My Vixen doesn’t always agree with my directions though.
  • I like the idea of making another man’s wife cum with my cock in her. If she lets me go bare I like the idea that she will be full of my cum for days while her husband makes love to her. – Another way of thinking I am cool with. You make her cum, I’ll make love to her.
  • My thing is trying to outfuck the husband while the husband watches. I want him to think about trying to compete with me. – I don’t compete, I’m me and all people are different, but if that is what motivates you good. Do try and do your best. Everyone wants that.
  • They are beautiful. Don’t ask me why because I can’t explain it. They seem like queens. If I ever get married I will want her to be a hotwife or we will swing because I think it makes a woman so beautiful seeming. – 100% agree. I feel the same.
  • Hotwife pussy is better. I’m not kidding. I have been with four hotwives and nine singles in my life and all four of those hotwives had the slipperiest just right gripping pussies you can imagine. – I’d assume this is a mental bias from having a fetish towards hotwives. Basically, you think it is better so it becomes true to you.
  • They seem really into it and if the husband is watching they put on a show and try to get off really good. – That is how it should be. From a Stags perspective, I’ll say I love a good show and I hope she gets off. Everyone should be getting off.
  • Usually, there is some kink involved. Hotwives will straight up tell you where regular girls won’t say what they want until you’ve been with them for months. – What is kinky to one person is blasé to another. Hotwifing itself is a kink. As for communication, you’re right on that one.
  • My trip is filling them up. I’ll fuck with a condom and all by request. Hate them though. Hotwives aren’t worried. They got a man. They will almost always let you fill them if you ask right even if you start gloved. – As long as you are willing to use the condom when requested all is good.
  • No dating and bullshit games. Just good times. – Yes. This is the way.
  • If you ever watch a man eat your creampie from his wife you’ll be addicted. My first time I fucked this hottie for a good half hour before nutting in her. I went for a second round after watching her husband make her cum while licking her pussy and I nutted in under two minutes. Her husband wasn’t ready for that, but he went back to it when she told him to lick it out and I got instantly hard again and gave her a third round. – Sounds like you have an odd kink, but go with it man. Enjoy!
  • I like the kinky requests they make and that they usually get dressed up for the sex. – Not sure about “usually,” but often they get dressed up. Glad you are down with kinky requests. that is always a plus.
  • I’m hot, but I have no game and can’t talk to women well. Hotwives and swingers like me though because I am built and healthy so they can have good sex with me. I also have more confidence with them because I know the score. – I have met many single guys in the past that are as you describe who play with couples.
  • Breeding fetish. Can’t do that with just any girl. A lot of hotwives seem to like it though. The whole time I wanted to impregnate them. Some play along even if I know they are on birth control. Some I suspect aren’t. I’ve never once had a stag or cuck be against me trying to knock their wife up. Some of the cucks even play along and one stag guy was totally into it as much as me which made his wife into it. I knew it was fake and she was done having kids, but it was fun for a few months. – You do you. It is up to the couple to decide about birth control measures and I know many have the kink you describe on both sides. I see nothing wrong with this and though I can’t say from experience that Stags and Cucks would all be cool with it, I can say I would, but it’d be a fantasy play as she would definitely be on BC.
  • I like women who like sex. Hotwives like sex more than anybody. It is as if becoming a hotwife turns their motors up to redline. – This is often the case, but not always.
  • I’m well endowed. I like wives whose husbands are smaller than me because I like reaching deeper into them than anybody else and being the one who has been deepest. – As long as you are going slow and getting everything warmed up before heading where no man has gone before then cool. Pleasure not pain my friend.
  • Black bull here. Gimmi your white wives! JK. Any color except black. I date black women but have a need for interracial sex. Also, I think hotwives are sexy. I’ll marry black because of cultural similarities. It’ll be a woman who owns her sexuality though. I’ll keep fucking white women. She’ll fuck white guys. Match made in heaven. That is what I am looking for. – Interracial sex is a big fetish and one many aren’t willing to admit in our current political climate.
  • No strings crazy sex and I feel appreciated as much as I appreciate being invited into a couple’s sex life. – Good thinking. It is a privilege to be invited into a couple’s sex life, and the guys invited in are appreciated because without you we don’t get to play our Vixen Games.
  • Once you go hotwife you’ll never go back. It’s the confidence and sexiness of them. Thank their husbands for giving them that confidence. – You’re welcome. We love our wives and want them to feel confident and secure.
  • Does it count to just be really into MFM threesomes and not have a girlfriend currently? I love threesomes and am single so I guess I’m a male unicorn. Thank the stars for kasidie. – It counts. I also get your thing because I am actually more comfortable in an FMF threesome than in a one-on-one situation myself. It is a learned thing from my past I believe. With that said, I am more into watching my Vixen and then having her one on one, but I don’t feel as confident in the situation as I would in the other where the dynamic is different. Even in that situation though I’d prefer just short-term involvement and then watching.
  • I like being watched by the husband and pleasuring his wife. I like the friendships I have made. I’m a regular for three hotwives who have husbands who watch. – Very cool. I like watching and prefer a guy who wants to be watched over one who is anxious about it.
  • Bisexual guy here and I mostly like women. It’s cool to have a guy watching me or to do threesomes. It is really cool if the guy is bi too or the wife likes a little bit of bi play and asks him to do it. – As a straight guy I can say I have no problem with bi guys, except sometimes they seem to think they can convert a straight guy. Open communication and respecting boundaries is the key.
  • Sloppy thirds baby. It is so silky. – I dig what you are saying man. I dig it.
  • I’m into helping couples fulfill fantasies. I’m their memory if I do that. – You certainly are. Be a good memory for us. We’ll think of you fondly and often.
  • Not wondering if I’m getting lucky is nice. If I’m there she wants it and is expecting it. My job is to give it to her in a way she wants me again. – You are 100% correct here, except… you can blow it. A lot of guys do. If you’ve been invited it is an almost sure thing, but that tiny window that can make it become a “NO” seems to be a window many guys like to go through. The number one way to screw up is to not be polite and respectful.

How is that for a list of some cool reasons single men like hotwives? I only grabbed about a third of what I collected on my notepad doc too. Maybe just a quarter. If this turns out to be a popular post I’ll someday grab some more and we’ll have Some cool reasons single men like hotwives part 2.
Besides the list I pulled this from I also have the same sort of thing saved with men explaining it in depth. It’s fun stuff as I have an interest in people’s motivations to do the things they do, and in this case, it is a subject matter close to my own heart.

That is the end of my post covering some cool reasons single men like hotwives.

We all enjoy Hotwives here.

Some cool reasons single men like hotwives and enjoy hotwives

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