Pre-Hotwifing threats

Some women have a twisted sense of what is sexy and fun. They get off on stressing out their companions. For that companion, it can be both a blessing and a curse.
Just for fun, I will relate to you a few of the pre-hotwifing threats I was subjugated to.
To put this in context the relationship at the time of the threats was as follows:
Dating, not married.
Had discussed hotwives, swinging, etc.
Both thought it sounded fun, but in differing ways.
Both decided that to be a HotWife, a person first needed to be a wife.
Discussions were plentiful.
I decided it was in her court to follow such a path, I’d be fine either way.
She said she was going to follow the path of hotwifing when married.
She said I could not dangle the possibility of such fun and then take it away.
She said “It is going to happen.”

These are some pre-hotwifing threats she claimed I was in for in the future. I call them pre-hotwifing threats because we had not been married and were living a monogamous lifestyle, and these were things I said “NO” about when she offered them up as scenarios that were going to happen in our future. To my “NO” I was given the reply of “What would you do about it?” She seemed very serious about these pre-hotwifing threats, and in some cases pushed them forward as matter-of-fact promises.

  1. She decided that she wanted to play bareback because she likes it when a guy is bare and when they cum inside. I had said no. She proceeded to describe how wet she’d feel when we were having sex so often it became a desire of mine as well. Wet and stretched was what she would say. Say such things enough and it becomes almost a fetish.
  2. She decided that she was going to make me cum either while she was playing with someone else right after before I got to have sex with her. I said she wouldn’t do that. She said she would. She even claimed it would be every time for the first year. Why this is a big deal is that I am a one-shot guy. Once I cum it isn’t rising again for a while.
  3. She then got the idea that she didn’t want me participating physically until after. She wanted me to only watch and not touch. She claimed I would have to keep a distance because I would otherwise not be able to help myself. The only exception would be if she specifically told me to do something. Usually, this something she says she’d tell me to do is something that would make me cum.
  4. She got the idea of me waiting to be a big turn-on. Waiting to reclaim. She started out with the idea of making me wait a day, or even two. This was one of her pre-hotwifing threats wouldn’t even entertain. Eventually, we made a rule that I could reclaim her within the hour always. Her response was coming up with ideas like having me lay between her legs and watch, but not touch as she masturbated after sex with someone else. As her fantasies never allow for condoms she would describe this as her masturbating with cum as lube. Sometimes she’d let me finger her like that till she came.
  5. Since all this was discussed before marriage the idea of hotwifing on our honeymoon came up. Her idea. I eventually agreed to the last day of the honeymoon or last place. It kept growing from there. Somehow she implants suggestions and eventually gets me fantasizing on them until I am OK with them. The growing honeymoon scenario ended up being every day and usually a Jamaican honeymoon. Sometimes she said she’d make me cum in seconds, sometimes she’d not. I ended up liking the whole thing minus her threat of making me cum in seconds. She’s a sorcerous. She turned her pre-hotwifing threats into fantasies.
  6. I read a few things about hotwives torturing their husbands in November for No-Nut-November. Basically having sex with other men all month long and tease their husbands, but the husband isn’t allowed to cum. I showed her. This particular share really tickled her fancy. It was the first thing we’d run across as a scenario besides the basic idea of her just having sex with someone while I watched that made her say “We are doing that!” At one point we’d decided to make a list of things we wanted to do for sure. We never finished it. The No-Nut-November thing was the only thing she added. We hadn’t even put the whole hotwifing thing as a for sure, but that was a for sure. I said she couldn’t just do that straight off for a month if we hadn’t done anything else. She said she/we could. To put that in perspective, imagine we are not hotwifing, swinging, or anything of the sort. It has not been decided we will… and then November rolls around. Just for that month she has sex with others and teases me with her cream-filled pussy all month long and I am not allowed to have sex or orgasm. Then we go right back to normal monogamous us come December. She thought that was an ok idea. I said no to this entire scenario. I’m not sure if this one counts as one of her pre-hotwifing threats though because rather than it being something she promised would happen against my will, it was more of an “I want to do that.”
  7. We talked of swing clubs multiple times, and at one point something was said about me cumming with someone else. Remember I am a one-and-done. It takes a few hours to revive my equipment. She however would wish me to save that for her, and she’d be jealous. Her response to the idea of me using up my grand finale with someone else was that I had better be prepared to sit around and watch all night. Her pre-hotwifing threat here was that she would fuck her jealousy away with many and make me envy them and her. This one of her pre-hotwifing threats actually backfired though as I found the idea of her behaving in such a way turned me on greatly. The scenario then became that she would always get more than me in such play scenarios. Period. Always. It moved out of the club situation and into even just hanging with others. For example, if we hooked up with a couple, once I had used up my moment, she basically is playing as a Unicorn with that couple and I am watching. I am doing so until she is done. I’m not allowed a second coming even if I get the rise, or I am not going to be able to reclaim her.
  8. She decided to focus on reclaiming. This goes along with the last one if I happen to annoy her in any way, but is also a separate thing. We have a rule that I am allowed to reclaim within an hour, but if I can’t get it going after already having done so once or I cum before it happens she is not to blame. Her response to my saying “You can’t make me cum fast” is “not my fault.”The idea of my precious darling going to sleep with someone else’s cum inside her and not mine causes me extreme anxiety. She finds this funny and tells me I could always reclaim her in the middle of the night, which in reality couldn’t happen as my anxiety would just increase and not allow me to sleep. Again she says “Not my fault.” and then teases about how she’d talk about it during breakfast. My being extremely adamant about this scenario never playing out caused her to latch onto it and for a while it was as far as her pre-hotwifing threats go, the main one. She literally promised she would make sure it happened. She would sleep peacefully and joyfully knowing I was distressed over her being “filled” (her words) by someone else, and not me.
  9. Pushing the limits of always together… I don’t know how she got on this one, but it is a big one for her. We have an always together rule. I am self-employed and in my job often end up engaged with clients in a manner that doesn’t easily allow me to step away. One day she decided it would be fun to come to my business and enter with a guy. Signal to me that she was about to be naughty and then go into a private room. We are according to her still together as it is the same building, and I know what is going on. I can come watch according to her. By this reasoning, all the rules are in place. If I decide to not come and watch it is my choice. Note I am with a client when she does this and can’t break away. She says I could also peek on the security cameras which would be recording everything anyway. Obviously, I can’t when with a client. She says I can always look back at the footage to watch, which is not the same thing at all to me. Her entire reason to do this is to stress me out in a way she believes will make me horny. To drive that point home her plan is that once she is done, the guy leaves, and she comes and sits around while I am finishing working.
  10. Wedding Day Hijinks. I’m going to end with this one because I am stopping at ten. There are more than ten, but ten is a good number to end with. This last was her favorite threat and one I repeatedly said no to. She talked about it so often and seriously that she decided I’d be disappointed if it didn’t happen. She wanted to not just become my wife, but my hotwife all on the same day. I on the other hand thought it would be best not to mess with this particular day. Her idea was that at some point, on the day of the ceremony, a day when I can’t see her until theoretically as she would be getting ready, she’d video call me. I’d answer and she’d show me she had a guy with her in her hotel room. She’d say hurry up. She assumed I show up quick as lightning and out of breath. Her getting around our married first rule is that we are legally married by filing all the paperwork before the ceremony anyway. So, we are married. Her getting around the always-together rule is that she isn’t doing anything with the guy until I’m there. Just stroking him, no BJ, nothing… her fantasy scenario is that she is in her wedding lingerie, I come in, she’s already got him hard, and she says to me that I must just watch. They immediately fuck. Immediately as within seconds of my entering. I’m to watch. I can take pictures. After he finishes I am to lick her pussy and fuck her. She says I will last just seconds. Then when we walk down the aisle it will be as my hotwife. She will get off on knowing I am thinking about it. What I saw and that there is someone’s cum in her. She told me this story so often it became very hot, but still I said no. Her response was “What would you do about it? Not marry me?” She even told me how she’d set it up, how she’d meet with men to find a good one for the event, etc. I never said yes to the scenario. She still decided at the time that it was basically a done deal. It was going to happen. The only input on the scenario she wanted from me was if I’d prefer it to be with a white guy or a black guy. I did not say one or the other. In a way that would have been like giving the go-ahead if I had, I think. Input or not, she had decided she was going to be a hotwife out of the gate and I’d be watching her just before our ceremony.

I’m ending with ten. Just from those ten I think you can get a glimpse of the pre-hotwifing threats I was given. Note also that at certain points I realized she was possibly going to be a demon with these games and I suggested repeatedly to just move the whole idea back into only fantasy play. I said fantasy was good enough. She however responded every time that we were going there. She wanted it. She said she wanted it and I wanted it too. It was happening, and it would start immediately when we married.

The strangest part of my Vixen offering up these pre-hotwifing threats is that she was not the naughty one between us. She was a sexual being, but more in a way that fits the standard paradigm of what I always considered vanilla people when I met her. I was on the other hand an extremely hedonistic libertine for the most part until I met her. I turned vanilla for her. I did not do this because she asked. She never asked. I did this because she was all that mattered. Nothing was exciting unless she was part of it, and she wasn’t part of my naughty universe. She was intrigued by my life and past, so I should have realized what was within her, and I did, but not to the level it existed. She was self-conscious and doubtful. I was more of a megalomaniac usually, but not with her. We through time seemed to have slowly grown to meet halfway. It was through my idolizing her, obsessing over her, loving her, and fetishizing her as the most glorious of all women I think that allowed her to push her fantasies forward. She realized she held Goddess status and loved my worshipping of her.

You cannot make a hotwife. You can however unleash one if that is what is inside her. Some women were simply meant to be Vixens. They just need the safety, security, and trust that comes with a Stag that truly adores them. They can then blossom and play the part of Aphrodite incarnate.

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