Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt roundup for October 2023

It is that time again. No articles or opinions today folks, just a great Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-Shirt Roundup of the shirt designs I have posted during the month of October 2023 with links to the articles that accompany them. You’ll find larger images of the designs in the original posts, and links to get them as T-shirts. Until you click, the articles you will find are a mystery, but the shirt designs that accompany the article may give a hint. May, not will. Enjoy

vixen trying to swing T-shirt design from Vixen Games

Just a Vixen trying to swing – Cute T-shirt design with a Vixen trying to get up on a swing that just happens to have three spots. She is looking kinda lonely and obviously needs a boost. Who would have thought swinging wouldn’t always be easy when you are a Vixen?

middle spoon polyamory swinger T-shirt design from Vixen Games

The middle spoon – We all know what spooning is. If you are a Vixen Hotwife chances are you’ve been the middle spoon in a threesome. This T-shirt is for anybody regardless of Vixen status or not who enjoys being the middle spoon.

Blindfolded Hotwife T-shirt design that says Vixen Games at the bottom

Blindfolded with a stranger – A T-shirt design that says “The Games We Play.” It was meant to appear like a video game or book series image the way I did this so that if questioned the wearer could go either way with it. It says “Vixen Games” at the bottom. The writing is hollow so it matches whatever color the T-shirt is.

Vixen Hotwife Bull Rider T-shirt by Vixen Games

Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen – Cubist Bull design in a Spade and the text says Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen around it repeatedly. The idea for this T-shirt design was kinda leaning on the idea that you may be a Queen Of Spades, maybe a Bull Rider, but maybe it is not 100% of the time your identity. It could be even just a tiny bit of who you are. You are if a Vixen Hotwife always a Vixen though. That part exists at all times even if you are at work or shopping for groceries.

hotwife swinger buttons for gifts

Extra Hotwife Stocking Stuffers – I know, not T-shirts, but Christmas is coming and these are great extras to put in a stocking. Buttons for Stags, vixens, hotwives of all types, swingers, and just playful people in general.

Stag husband T-shirt for men married to hotwives by Vixen Games

Really Cool stag husband T-shirt – If you are a Stag husband here is your shirt. If you are a hotwife married to a Stag get him this T-shirt. It is low-key, artsy, has a bit of macho to it without getting goofy, and says STAG HUSBAND in Old-English style font. This is how I usually like T-shirts for myself. Interesting, yet not overly crazy. I also often like natural tones rather than super bright stuff. That is just me, and that is not always the case. Sometimes bright and colorful is what I’m after. Usually, it is this though.

proud stag for a vixen matching couples T-shirts for Stags and Vixens

Proud Stag Married To A Magical Vixen – That is what this T-shirt says. Think this is the first time Ive posted twinsie-type shirt designs in my Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-shirt roundup. This shirt is a modified version for the Stag in a Vixen and Stag couple of the one you’ll see next.

sweet and naughty hotwife vixen T-shirt couples shirts from vixen Games

Magically Sweet & Naughty Vixen – This is the T-shirt design that lead to the one above. Same link for both. There is a lot going on in these designs, so look close before ordering your T-shirt. The main thing to note that could be missed is that this one includes a small spade with a crown in it.

better than Pizza T-shirt

Flirty Pizza T-shirt – Better than Pizza, yep… not specifically targeting anybody here with this T-shirt design except someone who wants a safe and fun innuendo for a shirt design that can open up dialogue.

buttered muffin adult humor flirty T-shirt design

Suggestive Muffin T-shirt – and from the same post as the pizza one I bring you the suggestive muffin T-shirt. Again this one isn’t specifically targeted towards hotwives or swingers, but obviously could bring the type of attention such a person would like sometimes. If you don’t like the attention, just remember that nobody likes a dry muffin.

hotwife tease husband T-shirt by Vixen Games

Hotwife tease – This T-shirt design was created for wives who love teasing their husbands. It can be worn by non-hotwives obviously as well because there are many types of teasing and relationship dynamics out there in the world. It says nothing to attach it to hotwifing specifically. It just says “I Love To Tease My Husband.”

Vixen Wife wall art for Vixen and Stag couples

Vixen Wife Art – This one isn’t a T-shirt. I am working on a graphic-style T-shirt design based on this, but it isn’t done yet. Instead what we have here is some straight-up art for your walls. A Vixen Wife. A woman who wears the mask of the Vixen Hotwife. It is called The Vixen Wife. I did it so that it is friends and family safe and tells no secrets to those who don’t already know. We all need art in our lives.

locktober Cuckold Hotwife T-shirt

Locktober – I made this Locktober T-shirt design and uploaded it the first week of October. Locktober is a pretty big thing, though not so much as we who are into hotwifing activities would think. At least not me. Locktober covers a lot of ground that has nothing to do with Hotwives, chastity, cuckolding, etc. This design was heavily shared and liked on some social media after I uploaded it, but ignored on other social media sites. Different crowds on different sites I guess.

bull wanted by hotwife T-shirt

Cubist Bull + Wanted – This Cubist Bull T-shirt design gets the most popular shirt design of the month award. It was the most liked and it was a popular seller on a couple of sites. Turns out it is liked nearly as much as a hat as a T-shirt. It was especially popular in sticker form. I was pleased as I have been doing a lot of drawings in this style just for fun and wasn’t sure if it would work well used in this manner.

That was all of it for the month. My Vixen Hotwife and Stag T-Shirt Roundup for the Month of October 2023.

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