Life’s too short for just Vanilla

Life’s too short for just Vanilla. That was the idea behind this Life’s Too Short Pineapple Ice-cream Cone T-shirt design.

Life's too short for just Vanilla Pineapple Ice-cream Swingers Lifestyle T-shirt design.

I’d made it after chatting with my muse, but without talking to her about making a design. I showed her upon completion and she said I’d made a dole whip. I’d never heard of this. It was explained to me that it was a dole pineapple ice cream type cold treat without actual ice cream in it that was popular in Disney Land. I still have no clue about it because I’m not a frequent visitor of Disney and I like my ice cream to be made with dairy.
I figured this was a great “I’m not vanilla” and I am of the pineapple people crowd type design that only swingers would catch onto easily. Life’s too short for just Vanilla was the idea. Add some pineapple maybe.
This dole whip thing just makes it better. I’m now imagining whole families wearing matching T-shirts saying “Life’s too short” with a pineapple-infused vanilla ice cream cone that subtly says Vixen Games on it as well strolling through Disney Land looking for a line without 500 people in it to get on a ride that lasts three minutes if it’s working at all.
It has been a while since I’ve been there, but I have not heard of it getting much better than that.

Anyways… that is the shirt design. You can get it HERE – Life’s Too Short Pineapple Ice-cream super soft T-shirt.
It has nothing to do with this Disney Dole thing, but if you are a Disney person please please please wear this shirt and send me a picture of yourself with one of those treats in the park.

Life's too short for just Vanilla pineapple super soft T-shirt swingers design shirt.

Back to our usual program – Life’s too short for just Vanilla.
This is targeted at people’s lifestyles and sex play obviously. Life is short, you only live once, and because you get just that short run you should live it up.
Swinger lifestyle, Hotwifing, Polyamory, Kinks, etc. are all added flavors.
Then again, vanilla can be nice too. We all have different tastes. The point is that we should not forget that we have a very limited time to live and experience all that we’d like to experience.
We definitely should let other people and societal norms dictate how we live.
Even though this design was made with swingers in mind it doesn’t stop with swingers.
Even though this site focuses primarily on the Stag and Vixen dynamic of hotwifing it doesn’t have to be only about that. Same with this shirt design.
Life’s too short for just Vanilla.
That is a statement that covers every aspect of life.
Live it up.
Take the time to do all the things you want to do.
Experiment and taste what is out there.
Some people will love Disney Land while others will think “This is a hellish nightmare!” You won’t know until you go. Try the food, take the trip, start the hobby, etc.
Don’t give a crud about other people’s opinions.
Just do it!
For the record, I am familiar with the “Just do it” slogan.

If you liked the design and agree that Life’s too short for just Vanilla you can get the shirt HERE – Life’s Too Short Pineapple Ice-cream super soft T-shirt.

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