The Little Vixen That Could

This design was made in a joking manner and originally was just going to be a picture with “Vixen Games” written on the train. It is a one-track train, a toy, and the Vixen is running the train. The Little Vixen That Could.

I think it makes a fun T-shirt.

The Little Vixen That Could T-shirt from Vixen Games

You can get this T-shirt HERE – The Little Vixen That Could T-Shirt.

If a T-shirt or hoodie isn’t your cup of tea. maybe a sticker with this fun design on it is your thing. You can get the sticker HERE – The Little Vixen That Could Sticker.

In today’s slang when a woman pulls a train or runs a train it basically means she one at a time takes on multiple men sexually. The idea is they are lined up like a train. It used to be that to run a train was what the men did, but that implied they were in charge. Women are more empowered sexually than ever before, and that is especially true if talking about Vixen Hotwives. To run the train is something either the men can do or the Vixen as she is the driver.

Multiple men in a row is not something every Vixen is into, but some are. The same can be said of multiple men at once. Two men and a woman is a threesome. Three men or more is a gangbang.
If we are talking about running a train it also takes three men or more as if it is just two men we are talking about taking turns rather than a train.
Why is all of this important? It is because the dynamics and outcomes of these situations are all very different.
A gang bang or greedy girl party as I like to call them can be very overwhelming for some women. There is a lot going on and it is all happening at once. Some women feel they lose control in such cases which can be a good thing or bad depending on what they are into.
With a Vixen and Stag couple, a gang bang can also be overwhelming for the Stag. A ton going on, he’s watching his Vixen to make sure she’s enjoying herself, he’s watching for his own pleasure, and he’s watching to make sure everyone behaves in whatever manner was previously agreed on.

When a Vixen goes for a train though it is a one-on-one situation with each man. Less apt to be overwhelming, easily controlled, easy to watch, etc.

Either can be fun, both are hard to set up and most women who will try one will likely be into trying the other.
Since we are talking Vixens here, I’ll add that in both scenarios these situations are primarily for her pleasure and the Stag’s visual enjoyment. As a Stag and Vixen that is always the way of things.
If you’ve never done such a thing, but want to do it my number one bit of advice is that you as Vixen and Stag make 100% sure that all participants know exactly how to proceed during the event. That means clear communication as to what is desired, expected, and totally a no-no.

Is this a big fantasy or something that really happens all the time? The train and gangbang both are more often fantasy material than reality.
One reason is they are not always easy to set up as I mentioned before. For some people even finding a single extra guy is a huge chore that they more often fail at than not, so getting four or five guys together that are all attractive to the Vixen, and meet whatever other criteria she may have, are willing to play along as specified, and are reliable is a big feat.
Another reason is that it can be extremely intimidating.
In fantasy she (The Vixen) may relish the idea of being at the center of everyone’s attention, being pleasured until she is exhausted, feeling like a goddess.
She may when thinking about doing it in real life however be filled with anxiety to the point it discourages her from ever attempting it. She wants to do it, but…
and that is why the text on this shirt is so funny to me.

The Little Vixen That Could.
I think I can, I think I can… I know I can, I know I can…
She does it.
I knew I could.

I can’t take credit for the text idea. Originally I had no text with it, but the Vixen inspiration muse captioned the image for me. Once I got going on the captioning idea I kept trying to go with different phrases, but she kept saying “The Little Vixen That Could.”
You can see who got their way.
She’s the little Vixen that did.

Back to the topic of running a train or pulling a train. Will she like it? Most likely if she is already a Vixen hotwife, she has fantasized about it, and then was brave enough to do it she will.
A majority of women who experience this situation successfully on their own terms desire to do it again. That right there tells you most enjoy it. Note I said on their own terms.
Back to logistics. Getting it all to come together with a bunch of guys who perform in the manner she wishes is the make or break of it being fun.
Time for another recommendation, if you wish to play this game for the very first time I’d suggest inviting men who you as the Vixen have previously played with and who you enjoyed.
You now will know they will please you to some level and you know they will behave since they have played before and earned your seal of approval. It will take just one guy trying to do something he thinks is cool, but was not wanted by the Vixen or Stag to ruin the entire event.

Also, since we are talking about a group activity the discussion of safer sex practices must be had with all participants. Condoms? Tests? I don’t do safe sex lectures here, you can find those elsewhere and I encourage you to do your homework and make informed choices.

If you go from The Little Vixen That Could to The Little Vixen That Did, you’ll probably become the Little Vixen That Wants To Do It Again.
That is a warning for both Stag and Vixen. It is seriously a hard thing sometimes to set such scenarios up. That may be enough reason not to do it once in itself. You could end up with a craving very hard to satisfy even occasionally.

Some weird history on the term to run a train..

If you check the term as slang on to run a train or pull a train – To run a train refers to when multiple men have sex with a woman one after the other, with or without consent. You’ll find it also says that as early as pre-1950 it was used to refer to group sex involving one woman and multiple men who had sex with her in sequence. Pulling a train back then typically / usually meant submitting a woman to this treatment without her consent. It tells us that according to Green’s Dictionary of Slang, the woman is the “engine” and the men the “rolling stock,” or cars of the train.

Times change. As I mentioned in the beginning, women are more empowered sexually than ever before these days, and that is especially true if talking about Vixen Hotwives. To run the train is something either the men can do or the Vixen as she is the driver. The Vixen is always the driver. She’s in charge, even when she isn’t.
I say even when she isn’t because this running-a-train fantasy is often coupled with submission and bondage. Not always, but often enough it needs to be mentioned.
If taking it from fantasy to reality it is more common with Vixen and Stag relationships than most any other type. The Stag you see is the Vixen’s protector, her warder, and the master of ceremonies during the event. This allows the Vixen to live out such a fantasy while still feeling safe and protected. Most women don’t have this option.
Bondage, restraint, being overpowered, submission, etc. can all be added to this scenario if it is desired.
It is a different sort of play added into the mix. As always, it is consensual and agreed upon activities with all parties involved aware and in agreement as to how the games are played.
Smart players use safe words and safe signals as well.

Since I had so much fun with this one I decided it needed something special to go with it.
A poem!
I call it “The Vixen’s Desire To Run A Train.”
It’s all in fun folks, nothing serious.

In a suburban house, where boredoms dance, Lived a Vixen bold, with a daring stance. Her heart burned bright with a fiery desire, To run a train, set her spirit on fire.

Her mate, a Stag with antlers strong, Doubted her dreams, thought it might go wrong. “You can’t,” he said with a skeptical gaze, But in her eyes, a flame ablaze.

She pleaded, begged, with a passion untamed, To prove herself, to have her hotness proclaimed. He sighed, reluctant, finally gave in, “Go ahead, my love, let the journey begin.”

With determination etched upon her face, She took the reins, dressed in black lace. The train of dreams, a fantastical play, she guided them swiftly, through night and day.

The train of men thundered, a rhythmic beat, Her laughter echoed, oh, what a feat! Mighty bulls cheered as hours flew by, Under the moonlit sky, they lived for her sigh.

Her Stag watched in awe, a heart filled with pride, For his Vixen, his Hotwife, took it all in stride. She ran the train with finesse and grace, A journey of passions, in a magical space.

In the end, when over, and the Stag had reclaimed, A Vixen triumphant, a Stag with a foggy brain. Hand in hand, they lay side by side, Through life’s wild adventures, they shared love and pride.

In case you forgot about T-shirts because of that amazing poem, I’m reminding you again.

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