Hotwife Photography

Are you into Hotwife photography? I am.
It’s one of my favorite hobbies.
Some men invest a bunch in fancy cameras and cool lights. Other men stick with their cell phones. Android or iPhone doesn’t make a difference when it comes to being able to get good photos anymore.
In the end, it is many gigs of digital data.

Twenty-plus years ago it was usually 35-millimeter film and needed to have a processor that allowed you to develop naughty photos. Polaroids sometimes were the way to go.
They didn’t call them hotwives way back, but the game was the same.
One sexy wife plus a good-looking chap wrestling around in the buff or with her in lingerie plus one kinky husband with a camera.

Some men video instead, and because of the amazing capabilities of the smartphone, I’d guess (but don’t know) that most men who are picture-takers also video a little bit. I’m guessing that is the case because I do it, but I have no other source to draw from on that besides what I find online which is not a good representation of normal.
Online sharers are the exception rather than the norm. Most men married to hotwives aren’t sharing online.

So if hotwife photography is common amongst men who are married to hotwives, what is the driving force behind the pictures?
Like most things attached to hotwifing and why we all do what we do, there can exist unlimited reasons, but usually, there are a few usual suspects. Here are the most common reasons.

  • We (the husbands) like to capture the event so we can look back on the moments and mentally relive them. It can be as a form of personally made porn, a way to escape the daily grind or to mentally get psyched up for something else. It can also be a way to affirm our own confirmation biases concerning the sexiness of our wives.
    That means we look at the pictures and see our wives enacting what is normally viewed as porn which is considered sexy and it confirms our belief that our wife is top-level sexy.
  • We (the husbands) like to show our wives off. We take many pictures, find the ones we find the hottest and which show our wives in a manner we find amazing, and then hope for opportunities to share the photos.
    Usually is a man is into doing this he will have multiple pictures which vary greatly in style and subject matter.
    I cute picture with his wife in short shorts may be appropriate for one person, a sexy lingerie picture may be alright for someone else, and in certain situations, we may even get to show pictures of our hotwives in all their hotwife glory. That last one is usually a rarity because of the nature of the images and the need most have to keep the lifestyle a secret in almost all situations.
  • Simple documentation and collecting. Some men simply want to keep a visual collection of the activities. It is similar to how some people will save every concert ticket they’ve ever had.
    Like the concertgoers, the men married to hotwives are more apt to be into this type of collecting and documenting if they have prioritized hotwifing in their lives at a high level.
    It is more common for a person who goes to ten-plus concerts a year to have collected tickets and other memorabilia than for a person who goes to a concert every other year.
  • Hotwife Photography is a fetish or kink in itself. Some men simply love taking pictures of their wives as sexual objects. In a vanilla marriage, they will regularly take pictures of her dressed sexy, wearing heels in lingerie, showing her butt on walking trails, etc.
    They will (if the wife is into it) have her pose nude and suggestively. They will mimic poses from adult old adult magazines and early internet picture sites. Spread shots, toys, etc.
    Those same types of men if lucky enough to be married to a hotwife will be doing the same thing, but on a completely different level and with more options open to them.

Maybe you are into Hotwife photography for some other reason than any of the above. That is fine. Whatever makes the boat float is a good thing, and you are still in the club.
By club I mean association. If you live in North America that would be The North American Hotwife Photography Association.
Feeling official now?

North American Hotwife Photography Association T-shirt design for men who love taking pictures of their hotwives

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