Vixen Beanies

Can Vixen beanies be a topic?
Obviously, they can because I’m making it one.

I live in the Pacific Northwestern part of the USA. Beanies are a big thing at certain times of the year. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and even across the border in British Columbia.
Both men and women wear beanies in the colder months as a normal part of their wardrobe.
I happen to wear baseball style caps myself, but that is neither here nor their.
My Vixen wears a beanie now and then.
Part warmth, part casual fashion statement.
It’s fun to advertise your Vixen Hotwife status to the world without most people having a clue you’re putting it right in their faces.
These are some Vixen beanies we have available.

Vixen Beanies for Vixen hotwives from Vixen Games Designs.

This is just a sampling of the Vixen beanies we have. The designs feature high-detail embroidery.
Most are very ‘in your face’ about who and what you are, but still in a way the average person would have no clue.
If they do have a clue and don’t approve, they have no reason to judge because at one point or another they had an interest.
Most that catch what these beanies represent will be exited to spot them in the wild, and often still just left guessing.
Top row – from left to right.
This is the most obvious and telling of the bunch. Pineapple Vixen with a tilted pineapple and a cute and cool fox. The pineapple is the most recognizable part. This was designed for a Vixen hotwife who is also a swinger.
The second one is the next most obvious. It is only more obvious because more vanilla people are familiar with the term “Hotwife” than the are Vixen. Even so, we have a case of a majority of vanilla people will have no clue. Those who do have a clue and live the vanilla life are most likely fantasizers about the hotwife lifestyle. Daydreamers and wishers. They are women who wish they were, or they are men wishing they were married to a hotwife or could play with a hotwife. I’ll add at this point that many such fantasizers only fantasize when feeling randy. They may jack or jill off to the fantasy and then get a bit of that post-nut clarity thinking that says “Not in real life.”
Next, we have “VIXEN” embroidered in a way that almost makes it look 3D. Super cool, and really you could sport this anywhere without worry of your vanilla peers knowing what is up. It is just an awesome-looking VIXEN beanie.

Second row, from left to right.
Here is a closeup of the sweet embroidery.

Fiery Vixen Wives club Beanie.

It is a fiery design of a Vixen fox with “Vixen Wives Club” below it in itsy bitsy writing.
It’s a fancy vixen fox for a special vixen wife obviously. Even with the “Vixen Wives Club” part only people into the lifestyle will catch it. If anybody asks about what the Vixen Wives Club is that you don’t want to know just say it means a spirited or fierce woman. That is one of the definitions in the dictionary after all.
The next Vixen Beanie is also a fox, but more of a cute fox than the previous design had. Not all fiery, just cute. It says “Vixen” in a cute font as well. Just Vixen instead of Vixen Wives Club, so it’s about as go anywhere and wear anywear as you can get. Many a vanilla woman would wear this one.
Finishing off with that cute vibe is a beanie that has no image, but instead just the word Vixen in a font style that just goes with most anything.
No matter how paranoid you are of being outed you are good with this one. It allows you to fly your Vixen flag, but stay under the radar.

All of these Vixen Beanies are available in our Vixen Games Designs Headwear Collection for Stags and Vixens. There are many more designs as well. Keep your head warm and look great doing it!

I must say that I am lucky in that my Vixen isn’t too paranoid to worry about it. She says things like “No Shame” and “If people know what it is then they have no place to judge.” I agree with her.
I also love her confidence.

Isn’t it sad some of us must be paranoid? Things are changing, but not completely changed. If you are interested in that topic you can read the piece we did on acceptance HERE – Hotwife acceptance in modern culture.