To be a Silent Hotwife observer

There are simple Vixen Games and not-so-simple Vixen Games.
Then there are games that fall somewhere in between.
To be a silent Hotwife observer is one of those.

Most men who are married to hotwives find their wife’s sexuality in itself a turn-on. They enjoy her allure.
Not all men married to hotwives enjoy watching their wives have sex, but almost every single one of them gets something out of watching her flirt and be flirted with.
Because of this, the scenario of a husband and a wife entering a bar or club separately and the husband watching men flirt and attempt to pick up his wife is a pretty common fantasy.
It is also a pretty common scenario in real life rather than just fantasy, but with various outcomes.

Throw in the Vixen and Stag dynamic and you have a husband who likes to watch everything and a wife who wants her husband to watch it all.
You also have a scenario where the Vixen and Stag want a successful night of flirting and an ending in bed.
The problem arises in that to play out this scenario to its finish while maintaining the status of a silent observer it can’t actually happen organically.
It must be set up ahead of time or it basically becomes an attempted vanilla person pick-up.
Those are fun too, but doing it in this manner isn’t usually the most successful way to go about it, and it doesn’t fulfill the fantasy of being a silent Hotwife observer.

The fantasy is that the Vixen hotwife enters the bar, club, party, etc., and is dressed in an inviting manner. The Stag husband enters at a different time and finds a seat somewhere with a good view.
Eventually, an attractive man approaches the Vixen and begins attempting to pick her up. He is successful at this and they head to a more private venue like a hotel room. They then have amazing sex. Eventually, when they have finished however many rounds of passionate play they desire the man leaves the exhausted and happy Vixen to herself.
The stag husband watched the flirting, the pick-up, and the leaving. As a matter of fact, he followed them, got in the same car, drove with them, walked behind them as they went to the room, entered with them, and then sat in a chair and watched the entire thing silently.
For their part, they acted as if he wasn’t there at all.
They went about their business as if it was just the two of them.
Only after the man who picked up his Vixen hotwife leaves does the Stag husband speak. To be a Silent Hotwife observer is to be like a ghost.
It is an amazingly fun Vixen Game for all parties involved.

As I mentioned before, it can’t happen like this organically.

It is an easy game to set up though.

Here is how you do it.

First of all, you’ll need some apps. We prefer swinger lifestyle-type sites like and because it pre-screens the men at least in the way that we know many will possibly be into such shenanigans with a married woman while their husband watches. We also if possible go with men who are married with hall passes because they tend to behave best, and in the case of both single and married men we like to see a few testimonials. With all that said, sometimes it is the new guy to the site with zero experience who gets a lucky shot because he fits what we want and he doesn’t screw up by saying anything horrible in a message right off. I mention that because it seems 90% of single males blow it with their first message sometimes.
If you are a single male who likes the idea of playing with hotwives I suggest reading through a lot of the articles here on Vixen Games. To get started however, you may wish to go with this piece titled NO BULL.
Back to the apps and websites.
Any hook-up app or site will do, but lifestyle-specific ones do make it easier.

The stag husband is the one for this job. Get searching. Find men you think your wife may approve of visually and based on what their profiles say.
These are men she has never met before, if she has it ruins the random pick-up vibe. Get a nice collection going and without having her go through all their profiles have her give a yes or no to them visually.
Now you, not her, will contact these men with the basic idea of what you are planning on having go down.
This part is a bit of work, but it is worth it if you do it right.
Sort through these people until you have only men you truly belive are into it and will be cool.
Now you should meet with these guys.
The reason you should meet with them is because you will be at a distance when they meet your wife so you have no clue what she’ll be dealing with if you don’t meet in person. Great online can be a disaster in person. They could even be catfishing. They will not only be going through a personality check when meeting you but will also be proving they will actually show up.

So now you have a guy or guys. In the case of being lucky and having found more than one viable guy, you may now play this game more than once.

To be a Silent Hotwife observer is fun as heck, and most Vixens really enjoy it as well.

So, you now must agree on dates, the place and time to meet up, etc. Your Vixen and the “stranger” who will attempt to pick her up know that they are to act as if you don’t exist, and they will know any other rules or requests ahead of time.
Examples of those types of things would be the use of condoms, or maybe you’d like her to have her clothes on for the first bit of the sensual stuff.
You may have said you’ll be sitting in the chair the whole time or maybe you want to video the experience.
All of these things need to be worked out in advance and it is the Husband of the hotwife who must have done all of the working out between everyone.
The other two are experiencing a bar pick-up and one-night stand in as natural a manner as possible.
It’s better than a real random hookup though because likes and dislikes have been shared. He knows not to smack the Vixen’s ass if she isn’t into that. He won’t pull her hair if she isn’t into that. She won’t spend fifteen minutes showing off her BJ skills if he prefers just getting to the main act and doesn’t really care about getting oral.
Again, the Stag is the one who has shared all of this info.

That is pretty much it. Semi-simple, and fun if you are all into the fantasy.

To be a Silent Hotwife Observer is straight up one of my favorite Vixen Games, and it can also be combined with a toned-down version of another of my favorites which you can read about HERE – Wanna Ride Hotwife Vixen Game. The wanna ride post explains how to achieve something if you’ve some good game and experience in the lifestyle. You may however still experience a tad of the excitement while playing this game by simply stepping into the driver role when traveling from the bar or club to the hotel.
This will allow your Vixen Hotwife to get more acquainted with her new friend while you drive.
To not spoil things it should still be a case of them not acknowledging you or for the time you are in the driver’s seat act as if you are simply a random driver.

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