Play frequency with Stag and Vixen Couples

How often does a Vixen play with another man besides her husband if they are in a Stag and Vixen relationship?
A better way to phrase it would be “How often should a Vixen play with another man?”
The truth is that no matter how you phrase it, the question can’t be answered with numbers.
Play frequency with Stag and Vixen couples varies from less than once a year to almost every single day in real-life scenarios. There are no set guidelines as to how often a Vixen should play or needs to play to maintain her Vixen status.

From my own observations, I’d say that in general, the average frequency varies depending on a few very important factors.

The first would be how the couple developed their relationship dynamic. If it was through swinging (a common course) they may have exhausted themselves of the novelty aspect before ever sliding into a Stag and Vixen dynamic. Without that novelty push, they are more apt to take their time with partner finding and prioritize the sexual playtimes at a lower level than if they just went straight from monogamy to hotwifing.

The second factor I’d say affects frequency is their other life commitments. Type of careers they’ve chosen, how many children if any, what types of activities their children partake in, nearness of other family members that may be semi-dependent on them, etc.
If you are a couple with three kids who are all heavily involved in sports and you work 50+ hours a week you’ll most likely be playing a lot less than a couple with flexible work-at-home jobs and no children. It is just easier.

The third factor is location. Couples that live in a large city or really close to one will have ample opportunities while couples living in small rural towns will have few.

The fourth big factor is money. Some couples can barely afford to eat out once a month. They live paycheck to paycheck with almost nothing left over. It isn’t easy to get hotels, attend events, go out for drinks, travel, etc. if you are barely getting by.

The fifth would be how much game the couple has along with how picky they are. At least one of the two people must have a good game to play frequently unless they as a couple become bedpost notchers and decide to play with people they actually have very little interest in.

The sixth would be age. Different points in life ranging from your early twenties up through your seventies are going to both bring opportunities and negate them.

Like in all aspects of life, an almost endless list exists of other factors, but the ones listed above seem to be the biggest one from my personal observations in regard to play frequency with Stag and Vixen Couples.

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Everyone wants numbers, so I searched for numbers. These are not my own numbers or from any polls I made. I found three different polls which were in places that lurkers and trolls could not manipulate by voting themselves. I found multiple of those types, and the results were funny as they didn’t mesh with reality at all. Never trust a poll on Reddit, Twitter/X, AFF, or any other site that allows just anybody to make an account and chime in.

The first poll I found that seemed legit was in a forum that only allowed verified wives within a forum that only allows verified couples. Only the wives could respond to the poll with a vote while the husbands could talk, but not vote. This poll was hotwife-specific.
The second poll I found which seemed legit was in a closed group on a swinger lifestyle site. The group consisted of members into hotwifing, and the group required your profile to be verified and have a minimum of one testimonial on your profile from another verified member.
Basically, the site proved you are real, and another verified real person or couple has publicly left a testimonial about playing with you.
The third poll was on another swinger site and was limited to members or past members of a specific club that existed for a long time. So basically verified members of the site and invited to the group in person by another member of the club while or after attending the club. Side note on that, the club no longer exists after many decades of being around and the group now is usually pretty quiet, but people still use it to organize house parties and bar takeovers. Including this poll may have skewed results as members of the group have all lived in one specific region of the USA.

So, I took the results of all three polls and tallied them together. They were pretty similar but slightly different. These are the averages based on all polls combined. 1018 total respondents from all three polls. I’d assume a few were the same people because of the topic and many people into these types of hobbies belong to multiple sites. Note that this was not play frequency with Stag and Vixen couples. This was Hotwifing. There was no distinction between types of hotwifing, nor between types of hotwives. Age was not involved in the polls, nor was how long a person or the people had been involved in the lifestyle. Frequency is greatly affected by those things, so keep in mind that those factors are NOT considered here.

  • Less than once per year – 4%
  • Once or twice a year – 12%
  • About once every other month – 26%
  • Once per month – 12%
  • About once every other week – 32%
  • About once per week – 11%
  • Multiple times per week – 3%

When looking at those numbers you must also consider that they do not take into consideration whether the hotwife is playing with select regular partners or new partners. It also doesn’t take into consideration whether it is multiple men or a singular man per event. There is nothing to indicate if the hotwife/vixen has attended large events or is just one-on-one at home. As these polls weren’t hotwife specific it also doesn’t take into consideration play dynamics. Was the hotwife’s husband there in each case, just a few, or zero? A lot is left out to get any real gauge as to how often these hotwives play and in what manner.

What I find most interesting about these numbers is that contrary to what most people outside of the lifestyle usually think, finding partners isn’t all that easy. It can be a lot of work and take up a lot of time. The people offering are not always what you’re looking for, and what you are looking for can sometimes seem very rare. With that in mind, I look at these numbers and assume that if all things were easy rather than a hassle, they’d be higher numbers across the board. That is just an assumption, I haven’t searched out polls asking about the desired frequency of play to compare. I’ve seen multiple such polls for swinger lifestyle folk, but none hotwife play specific anywhere I’d trust to give accurate results.

That is it. The not-so-great answer to the burning question of what normal play frequency with Stag and Vixen Couples would be. The takeaway from all of this should be not to worry about it and do your own thing. The normal is that there is no normal. If you want to get busy every weekend go with it. If you’re down for just every few months then go with that. Just have fun, play safe, and follow your personal bliss.

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