Does she want bigger?

Hotwifing comes with a lot of funny little play and relationship dynamics attached.
The couples who indulge in such games are usually much more open and close with each other when it comes to communication.
The topic of whether size matters and how the primary male partner measures up is a bit different if his wife is a Vixen or other type of hotwife than it usually would be in a completely monogamous vanilla coupling.
Does she want bigger? Am I big enough?
Questions of danger in some vanilla life relationships, but questions met with honesty by a hotwife. A vanilla wife who is not extremely satisfied with her husband’s tool will usually not mention a want of bigger. A hotwife on the other hand may say “I’m in the mood for someone bigger than you tonight.”

How big? Does she want bigger? Is she just saying that as part of your play? Is she really into it, or just trying to turn you on if you happen to get off on such a thing?

It is most likely a combination answer.
The average cock is 5.16 inches when erect. That is average. If you measure within an inch of that one direction or the other you are pretty normal.
This is the second RULER design I have made, and I have already talked a bit about cock size in this post HERE – Size preferences for hotwives.
I also cover the whole Does She Want Bigger? topic in that post.

Here is my awesome shirt design. (Flirty, suggestive, and G-rated)

One more inch hotwife size matters T-Shirt design

You can get this T-Shirt HERE – One More Inch – Bigger is better! Relaxed Fit T-Shirt.

A six-inch long ruler and it says “One inch more, and I may have said yes.”
Inviting, and oh so naughty.
It also gets to the point if size is an issue. In hotwifing more than other scenarios it very often is.
If the hotwife is a Vixen whose husband watches it most likely will be the case. A small member doesn’t make for a good show.
Stags love the idea of their Vixens being pleasured and achieving orgasms. It is hard as a stag to be thinking “Oh, she must be loving that!” if the banana isn’t average or better.
Also, both the Stag and Vixen may love feeling a difference afterward during a reclaiming session and again we have the Stag wishing his Vixen had been playing with something larger rather than smaller in most cases.
If it is below average, or much smaller than her husband, the answer to “Does she want bigger?” is going to be a yes unless her husband is way above average himself. If that is the case she possibly won’t care, and if she does she’s going to be disappointed a lot. The reason she’ll be disappointed is only around 1% of men are over that seven-inch mark.
The good news however is that the types of men who seek out hotwives, have lots of lady confidence, and are down with performing in front of a husband are usually going to fall on the average and above side of things rather than the smaller side.
Penis size directly affects many men’s confidence levels when it comes to their dealings with women and sex in general. A lot of “players” for example are in that 7″ range. Their size gives them confidence initially.
The bad part is that some of those guys aren’t actually that great in bed according to many women. They are penis/penetration focused to the point they don’t build skills. Basically, it is a crap shoot when trying them out.
So how about really big ones?
If you are seeking an 8″ plus cock you are looking at around one in two hundred-ish men. Then we add that they need to be available and also down to play with a hotwife. Add onto that the attraction needed… he must think the hotwife is sexy and she must think he’s a good-looking guy as well. Add onto that the chemistry and ability to have a good conversation. Is he tall enough? Is she into long hair or short? Does he talk about subjects she hates? Is facial hair a turn-on or turn-off?
People have all sorts of quirks that turn each other on and off.
Add them all together and the chances of getting a few play friends with extra big tools are pretty low.
Bigger than average is however very possible, and as I mentioned above, semi-common with guys who seek out hotwives or are good to go in front of the hotwife’s husband in general.
Requiring above 6″ is an easy norm to have, finding your above 7″ regularly should not be too hard. Finding your above 8″ will be rare.

does she want bigger one more inch size iphone case

This design is fun on a phone case too. You can get it HERE – One More Inch – Bigger is better! iPhone Case. I especially like phone cases for seeking play partners in Vanilla Land.
They pop on and off of your phone easily so you can just pop on the suggestive ones when you are at a club or bar when hoping to get some attention, then pop it off again when you want to be more discrete. They are great conversation starters.

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