Play frequency with Stag and Vixen Couples

How often does a Vixen play with another man besides her husband if they are in a Stag and Vixen relationship? A better way to phrase it would be “How often should a Vixen play with another man?”The truth is that no matter how you phrase it, the question can’t be answered with numbers.Play frequency … Read more

What is a stag husband?

What exactly is a stag husband? This is a common question. It is at its core easy to answer if going with the most simple definition. A Stag husband is a man who actively participates in facilitating or observing his wife’s sexual encounters with other people. He receives personal pleasure from encouraging and providing a … Read more

Vixen Hotwife and Stag Shirt Roundup for August 2023

No articles or opinions today folks, just a Vixen Hotwife and Stag Shirt Roundup of the shirt designs I have posted during the month of August 2023 with links to the articles that accompany them. You’ll find larger images of the designs in the original posts, and links to get them as T-shirts. Vixen Club … Read more