Colorfest Stag and Vixen Design

I just finished this Vixen Games Colorfest Stag and Vixen Design. Thought it was really fun so wanted to share it right away.

Colorfest Stag and Vixen Design for vixen stag lifestyle dynamics couples

My goal was to make it super colorful. Went with a tattoo totem-inspired style.
I have been told by my Vixen inspiration that I needed more designs with less text because I’ve been getting text-heavy. She prefers designs like this because it allows for wearing them as T-shirts, hoodies, etc. pretty much everywhere.
Big font designs that say things like “Naughty Hotwife” have their place, but G-rated designs that only those in the lifestyle or lifestyles adjacent to them are her choice.
This is one of those. It’s just a cool bit of artwork that is super colorful and features a Vixen and a Stag.
Could wear it to a church picnic without worry, yet it still is a statement for the person wearing it.

No big educational or opinion posts today, just the design. If you randomly found yourself here via someone’s shared link (Thank you for sharing our pages btw) and have no idea what this design is about you should check out What is a stag husband? and Vixen Definition. They will give you a little primer on the Stag and Vixen dynamic, hotwifing, and a bit more. We aren’t here to sell you on a Stag and Vixen Lifestyle though. It isn’t for everyone.
Our gig is selling shirts to people who are already living a Stag and Vixen lifestyle. We also make designs for other types of monogamish lifestyles, but Stags and Vixens are our big thing.

As to that, if you are a Stag or Vixen and like this Colorfest Stag and Vixen Design you can get it HERE – Colorfest Vixen Games Stag and Vixen by Vixen-Games.
Before you do though you need to check it out in the store we are building as a back and sleeves print hoodie. You can do that HERE – Vixen Games Colorfest Stag and Vixen Hoodie. If you don’t dig hoodies just skip it and click that first link. If you do like hoodies…
This hoodie with the back and sleeves print is the other reason I made this design. It was done as an “I want this” type of thing. A daily wear Stag and Vixen design hoodie that was awesome, fun, and bright. As my Vixen inspiration says “No text, something you can wear to the store.”
If you are wondering, my color of choice was charcoal heather. Simple and offsets the colors in the design. The image is printed semi-large on the back, and small on each sleeve.
If you buy this one please send me a message and let me know what you think.