A Caged Hot Dog

When Stags and Vixens play – the cages stay away.
Or so you’d think.
Cages are for cucks and cages are for humiliation.
Why would a Stag ever end up caged? How would a Stag end up with a caged hot dog?

The thing is that cock cages are extreme. They are used for denial games, cuckolding, arousal building, humiliation, and a bunch of other things. People in the kink communities use them, hotwives and cuckolds obviously use them, and couples who are otherwise vanilla even use them.

If there was a personality type list that was made to show the least likely people to wish to ever have a caged hot dog it would surely include the men of the world who call themselves Stags and are married to Vixens.
The majority of Stags are highly sexual, love their boners, and pretty much fit right into those weird personality labels people like to throw around like Alpha and Sigma. They are close to polar opposites of what is usually considered a “beta” male, which is usually the type that is cool with having a caged hot dog.

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Hot diggity, dog ziggity, boom what you do to me. (that is a really old song)

We are not going to get into Alphas, Betas, Omegas, Gammas, Sigmas, etc. here. Personally, I find most of that stuff nonsense as far as humans go.
We are much too complex to be broken down into groups so simply. Suffice it to say that the majority of Stag-type men who are with Vixen-type wives, and who are living a lifestyle that can beneficially maintain itself to their relationship overall are usually pretty confident men. They may even be slightly arrogant, and even sometimes have an overabundance of pride based on their accomplishments, possessions, relationships, etc.
You will find more bossy Stags than compliant ones. Stubbornness and even selfishness can be prominent traits.
Many may even ooze with what our current 2024 American society often likes to label as Toxic Masculinity.
These traits seem to usually flow fine in their relationships with their Vixens because they flow to her as a gift. These types of Stags truly adore their Vixen wives and though they may seem to never back down to anybody else in life are seemingly subservient to their Vixens. They aren’t actually subservient though. They just want their Vixen to be happy, pleased, content, etc. They therefore do what they do to make sure she is. This in turn makes them happy.
There are limits though. A cock cage is usually one of those.

Vixens do not get off on humiliating their Stag husbands. They do not get off on emasculating them or bringing them low. They usually see their Stag husbands as Alpha types if going back to that Alpha/Beta labeling stuff.
It’d seem from this that the idea of a cock cage would never come up at all.
Vixens are a type of hotwife. They will come across a lot of content online and in person if they frequent certain clubs that lead to the idea of cock cages. Eventually, they may get ideas.
These ideas are usually going to be centered around temporary denial games and teasing. They will possibly be built around causing temporary frustrations and the build-up of desire.
They will be using these games to make their Stag want them more.
Most Stags will simply give a hard NO to the idea of having a caged hot dog for any amount of time.

That has been my response. No. It will not happen.
I can’t give her an inch or she’ll take a mile too.
If I agreed to even do it for an hour-long special situation I’d fear she’d somehow keep me so for twenty-four instead. I’m incapable of submitting to such a loss of power and control.
The other day I ran into what I thought was the solution.
I was wrong, but it would be a solution for many Stags and Vixens who have the situation of a Vixen saying “We should play this cock cage game” and a Stag who is saying “Heck no.”

caged cuck T shirt design for hotwife cuckold relationships.

Shirt design #2 for this topic. It isn’t a usual topic for me because I have no experience or desire to gain it when it comes to cock cages. Anything I know comes from others. Internet, a couple very out about it friends in the past, and previously owning some adult stores way back before internet sales destroyed the market for brick and mortar adult shopping establishments. This shirt design features a Spade shape with a Strappy Stilleto that has a padlock and key set along with a heart containing a cock cage. This particular design goes along with the scenario I thought was a possible solution for many Stags and Vixens who have the situation of a Vixen saying “We should play this cock cage game” and a Stag who is saying “Heck no.” As that is a very small group of people though I made the shirt design to appeal more to people with a hotwife/cuckold type relationship scenario. This is also why I decided to include the Spade which can, but doesn’t necessarily designate the possibility of QOS involvement. No Q to designate a queen, and I went with light-tone patterns. Nonetheless, I assumed that the Cuckoldry-centered group would enjoy this design most.
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So, the solution.
I stumbled upon this accidentally in a forum for specifically Stags.
A man had the issue of his Vixen wishing him to wear a cage when he was watching her with others so he’d not be able to participate beyond watching until the event was done. Then she would release him and he could reclaim her.
They had done this before. In one instance he had broken a temporary rule, so she left him caged till morning.
This resulted in him not trusting she’d not do it again.
Another in the group (I can’t take credit for any of this) gave him the solution. He wears one for his wife, but she must wear stilettos the entire time. These stilettos have locks on them. She cannot take them off without a key. They both have each other locked at the same time. One has a caged hot dog. The other is stuck in really high stilettos. They even posted pics so I hunted out other versions. There are even tall lace-up locking stiletto boots.
Such shoes and boots are great for sexy moments, but a woman will not want to wear them constantly. She will wish to remove them. They come off only after the cock cage does is how it works. This creates a more even power dynamic.
Sadly this is not a solution for all in the situation of having a Vixen saying “We should play this cock cage game” while you (the Stag) are saying “Heck no.”

My Vixen has expressed a desire a few times to experiment with these cock cages for specific scenarios. I have said no. I have said never. That key and no control are too much for me.
After seeing shoes with 6 heels that lock, and tall boots as well, I said “What about this?”
I explained the deal.
She said I’d let her out first. I said I would not. Back and forth it went. She claimed I liked her feet. I claimed she liked my cock. She said she was more stubborn. I said I was.
The discussion became a what if… a weekend swingers takeover type event. She said she’d never let me out, she’d suffer in the boots all weekend, and she said her feet would be ruined first before she lost the game.
It all becomes a game. So, the cock cage and locking stilettos are not a Vixen Game we shall play because our who’s more stubborn game makes it impossible.
Now you can see why it is a solution for some, but not for all.
I shall never have a caged hotdog.
She may someday have caged feet though. I kinda like the idea.

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