Sexual consent and hotwife activities

Stags and Vixen hotwives participate in sexual activities that fall outside of the scope of what is considered the standard. The relationships themselves fall outside what society in mass considers the norm. Even in situations between serial monogamists who are legally married, when it comes to sexual activities consent is important. This means the two people participating in the sexual activities have both agreed to and consented to whatever takes place sexually with full disclosure of the circumstances surrounding the event. An example of disclosure would be things like which type of birth control, if any is being used. Sexual consent and hotwife activities are much less cut and dry than what exists in a situation between traditional serial monogamists who are legally married because much of what is considered consent or nonconsent is based on assumptions the masses have about how relationships should function.

The kink community also has an issue like this. For example, a woman may wish to live out forced sex situations and her partner may role-play these situations with her. Maybe they record these sessions. You now have a case of a video showing a forced situation that does not include a bit of stated consent.
Bruses from discipline sessions? Neck bruises? You get the point.

In hotwifing the most common situation where we have what may be taken as nonconsensual by the masses is first the act of cheating itself. Some hotwives play cheating games, some don’t, but from an outside view, it is all cheating, and therefore not acceptable. They do not care that consent was given before.
What if the hotwife ends up with a sexually transmitted illness and gives it to her husband?
These situations at first glance may seem like odd topics with consent being the focus to the nonmonogamous, but what if at some point a divorce occurs and it gets nasty? The husband can claim the woman cheated, and she gave him an STI.
It is all fun and games until it isn’t.

In general, swingers have happier and longer marriages compared to the vanilla and supposedly monogamous married crowd. Hotwifing is a bit separated from swinging, but shares this enhanced relationship outcome. Couples with the Stag and Vixen dynamic in full force seem to get the benefits at an even higher level, but that is not backed by data of any sort because nobody has ever done a large study of Stags and Vixens. There are multiple on swingers and a few on hotwives in general, but even with those we lack a separation as to hotwife types of any sort. A dom hotwife with a sub cuckold in chastity is playing a completely different game than a sub hotwife who is free use.
Happier and closer marriages are the norm for monogamish couples than vanilla monogamous couples overall no matter how you look at it though.
Perfect though? Not at all, just statistically better and happier.
Divorces still happen, things go south, life is tough and sometimes people just grow in different ways.

Sexual consent and hotwife activities are always a must and are part of hotwifing in general. Vixens and Stags usually talk out their good to-do vs not doing activities until they’ve exhausted every possibility. They know their hotwifing and monogamish rules well, and have agreed to them.
Consent has been given. They often have codes, signals, and obviously safe words for their activities. Some of their Vixen Games are straight-up scripted. The consent runs deep in their lifestyle.

Will a court see it so if for some reason divorce comes? Most likely it’ll be a battle. Some activities could even lead to legal prosecution. For example, look at this post about Vixens being blindfolded with a stranger. A very common and loved Vixen Game by many. Go with the bondage version and it is extra fun. Stags often record or take pictures. You now have videos or photos of a married woman tied and blindfolded who is being groped and most likely more by strangers. No record of consent. A verbal one at the time could even be said to be under duress because she is bound. Are condoms used? Whatever was agreed to verbally is not likely stated in the video.

Sexual consent and hotwife activities as you can see are important issues to address for not just the usual reasons but for legal reasons.

It may not sound sexy, but if you are in a relationship that is monogamish in any way, and even more so if there are kinks or activities far outside of what the masses consider the way to be you should as a couple make some documentation of what your agreements are, what you consent to, and what not.

Your first thought will most likely be a contract. This is a great thing to make. You can sign it with a notary and everything to get it official. You can both fingerprint it with blood and saliva. It is legit.
Sadly agreements for sexual purposes fall outside the bounds of contract law in almost every case.
Agreements of sexual consent are not upheld either because the courts have recognized consent being an “in-the-moment” thing. You may have consented at 7:pm but changed your mind at 7:05 and now there is no longer consent. That contract from January 2023 certainly means nothing then in February of 2024.
Yes and no. A judge, and obviously a jury if you end up in a real pickle will still see it as what it is. If you end up in a situation where someone pushes for criminal charges that contract if legit may be enough for a prosecutor to say “Not even going for this one.”
So do the contracts even though they aren’t actually legally binding or going to be held up as legit contracts.

Your next thought will be a video most likely. The making of a video with you both sitting there stating that you each give consent for certain activities and with what stipulations are attached is possibly the thought. (If it wasn’t I’m giving you ideas)
This is a good idea. You should even state on the video that you will make another each time you update your hotwifing lifestyle rules and give consent for whatever you are into each time. Now you are creating a record of a continuous lifestyle.
That is more important than the original video because guess what… This video is not going to hold up in court as contractual or as consent for the exact same reasons. You can’t under most circumstances contract sexual activities and consent is something that can change in the moment.

When it comes to sexual consent and hotwife activities it is my personal belief that creating a record of a continuous lifestyle is basically the best protection you could have if for some reason you end up in a legal situation and certain aspects of these activities come into question.
Who did what, why, when, and were all parties in agreement and consenting? Yes, they were, over and over, and then all of a sudden not.
You are both still in taboo land and the courts won’t like your activities, and the biases of the people will come into play, but it sets a precedent which will be brought into consideration.
The basic theme here is to cover your ass as best you can.

Time to move on to consent in a more generic way and leave the legal and financial reasons behind.
As mentioned above, couples who are monogamish tend to be happier and have better and closer relationships overall than most of their vanilla monogamy-preaching counterparts. This is in all aspects of life, and obviously, that would include sex and intimacy. Many vanilla people struggle when it comes to asking for and giving sexual consent. They are often anxious or feel guilty about what they want and don’t want. One of the ways we maintain healthy relationships and make sure everyone feels safe, comfortable, and respected is through the communication of our desires, and what makes us uncomfortable. It is hard for some vanilla people to share these types of feelings. Our sexual urges don’t always align with what is expected in a serial monogamy lifestyle masquerading as a lifelong monogamous life bonding. The end result is millions of couples married and often very unsatisfied or even feeling put out or used. This sometimes slowly seeps into the rest of their relationship. Sexual consent can become a situation of “O.K. I’ll have sex, let’s do it.” It is given as a bargaining chip, and exchange. Once there, recovering is close to not possible. Either a spilt or decades of being unfulfilled await. The topic of this whole thing is sexual consent and hotwife activities.
Consent has been given. At least for couples who’ve been playing for a couple of years or more. No true numbers, but I’d guess 99.9% of all Vixens and Stags who’ve actively been playing the games have discussed it all at length hundreds of times. They know each other backward and forward, every little sexual quirk and desire. They’ve been very specific. They’ve also developed their “nope” and “yep” codes to the point they can give or withdraw consent to even the smallest alterations of an activity with ease.
The level of knowledge towards each other and intimacy a Vixen and Stag can develop over time is something that makes them almost one person in certain situations.

Sexual consent and hotwife activities Consent Required by Vixen-Games

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It must be noted one more time here that I am not a lawyer or any sort of legal expert. I’m double covering my ass here by saying that my advice on covering your own ass is based on my personal opinions which have been formed through observation.

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