Free Use Hotwives

Free Use is a term that has been around for a long time, but lately, we hear it a lot on pretty much every social media site, and it has captured many people’s imaginations. It seems almost trendy with how many people talk about it and are claiming to be in a free use relationship. In traditionally monogamous relationships being a free use partner is at its core a simple thing. To be free use is to be available for sexual activity at all times without the need for asking, foreplay, or waiting.
How this plays out in reality is usually more of a “free use” within a given set of guidelines agreed by both partners ahead of time.
Before I get into the topic of free use hotwives I feel I must explain a bit about how free use relationships usually function when it comes to the traditional male and female monogamous pairings that make up the bulk of our society.

In the real world rather than what you find in the adult entertainment world it is pretty close to impossible to be completely “free use” at all times in all ways. In the real world couples who enjoy this kink usually make up very detailed agreements. Often these agreements are typed out as contracts and signed by both parties after lengthy discussions. These contracts or agreements will include things like times of free use.
Maybe the free use partner (who is almost always the female in monogamous male + female relationships) is to be free to use on Friday and Saturday only. Maybe the free use partner is to be considered free use only when at home. It could state in their contract that the free use partner is free to use only when at home and nobody else is at the home.
In such a scenario the other partner may engage sexually with them at will as long as it falls within those parameters.
The person could be lounging, folding clothes, cooking, napping, etc. They are there during those times for use. As for activities, these must be agreed on as well beforehand.
Maybe the stipulation is that vaginal sex is good to go, but anal is not. Maybe it is only anal. Maybe it is only oral sex on command. It is up to the couple.
The braver sorts of couples will have wilder seeming rules obviously. Free use all day on Tuesdays could include the allowance of whatever whenever no matter who is around for example.
The kink of free use is heavily rooted in power dynamics. The free use partner has agreed to be the submissive in this game.
Usually, the person who agrees to be the free use partner has submissive tendencies, but this game can also help in stabilizing a relationship’s power dynamics by having the primarily dominant partner take on this highly submissive role under whatever circumstances are spelled out in the couple’s agreement.

That is probably enough of a primer on what free use is.
If you just want the simplest version, here is what Urban Dictionary says on it.

free use

A fetish where partners are allowed to fuck any part of their partner at any time.

My girlfriend is a Free-User we both love free use, so knock before coming in our house . . . or don’t!

Let’s move on to the topic of Free Use Hotwives.
Hotwives are more fun than vanilla wives. The exception is maybe a Vanilla Vixen Hotwife.
In general though I’m saying hotwives are more fun. Just a personal opinion.
A free use hotwife has more cards in the game than a vanilla free use wife. She can and usually will be playing the free use game a bit differently if she is into it.
She will also need more rules because in a vanilla relationship, many things are automatically going to be excluded.
If you are a hotwife I highly recommend an actual written-down set of rules if you’re going to play free use games.
Without those written rules things could get a bit off track.

Things to discuss and make rules about would be things like this…
When you are considered free use. Days, times, conditions, etc.
How you are considered free use. What acts are free to play and what are off-limits?
Where you are considered free to use. Just at home, at a club, anywhere?
With whom are you free to use? Husband only? Just regular partners? People your husband approves? Pre-approved people? Anybody?
In what manner are you free to use? Must they be gentle? Forceful? Condoms required? Must pull out?
Include rules and agreements covering all things that would concern you or your husband.

Variations on a theme. This is one of the reasons hotwives are more fun. Free Use Hotwives can go beyond the more simple power dynamics and power exchanges of vanilla wives. They can make many fun games out of it.
Note also that besides the pure submission style of free use, many hotwives may agree to be “free use” only to the point of always saying yes or allowing sexual activity, but not with an actual submissive position. I’ll call them type A and type B Free Use Hotwives. Type A you can for example walk up to while she is on the phone, give her a 1 minute quicky and walk away. Type B may also allow this, but may also decide that you must pleasure her as well, or she may take charge 10 seconds in. Type B only is submitting to the point of it always being YES. Type A is fully submitting to being used without regard to what she gets from the individual experiences besides the submission.

I’m going to briefly, without detail give some examples of Free Use Hotwives games.
These are not Stag and Vixen games but rather cover hotwife free use scenarios that would work with hotwives of various sorts. Much of what will be included is aimed at Hotwife cuckolding relationships. Some are more swinger lifestyle-oriented.
These are not scenarios I have engaged in personally. My Vixen is not the free use sort. Full submission isn’t something I think she is even capable of unless bound. Maybe she could play type B style, but I am unsure and we have not. So these are scenarios I have run across over time which for one reason or another stayed with me in my mind. Some of these will fit type A, some type B, and most will fit both. In the case of type B, the scenario often requires the hotwife to offer sex rather than submit.

  • The hotwife is free to use for her husband only for 24 hours after having sex with another man.
  • The hotwife is free to use by her husband’s friends, but not her husband.
  • The hotwife is free to use, but only if her husband is caged.
  • The hotwife is free to use as long as her husband can refrain from orgasming.
  • The hotwife is free use only when the husband is not present.
  • The hotwife is free use for friends during an event. EX: Poker night or Sunday Football.
  • The hotwife is free use at a swingers club if their partner finishes with anyone besides her.
  • The hotwife is free use while on vacation.
  • The hotwife is free use, but the husband must clean her after every encounter.
  • The hotwife is free use on any day the husband demands, but he earns each day with one week of wearing a cock cage.
  • The hotwife is free to use by any man who notices and comments on a hotwife-specific anklet.
  • The hotwife is free to use by any man who specifically asks her if she is a hotwife, vixen, or swinger.
  • The hotwife is free use to anybody her husband tells her to be.

These examples, as simple as they are will obviously have scenario-specific rules and agreements attached to them. For example, I’ll use the last one mentioned. The hotwife is free to use for anybody her husband tells her to be. This could be free use in a specific manner like giving a handjob or blowjob, but nothing else. It could also be immediately going for penetrative sex.
It could also be specific to a location like while at a certain bar or club.
There may be secondary rules applied like she gets to say no one time, or a limit could be set. Example “I am free to use with a limit of three plus the husband.” The husband may desire to watch a 4th interaction, but would then forfeit his own.
Hotwives hold a lot of power in their relationships usually. Much more than the typical vanilla wife, so in this submission-oriented type of game, they may often require a service of some sort by their husbands even if they are the ones reaping most of the benefits of the free use game.
All of these scenarios are games. They are for fun, and both partners must receive some sort of satisfaction from the game or other rewards outside of the game for playing. Without mutual satisfaction, there is no point.
Also, in many cases, it is the possibility rather than the reality that creates a turn-on.
Still using the same example… ‘the hotwife is free use to anybody her husband tells her to be.’ We have a situation that unless in a busy lifestyle-oriented club or at an event like a swingers hotel takeover, it would be hard-pressed to imagine the husband being able to find more than one or two men, let alone three plus to offer up. He’d need some amazing social game and a level of social bravery most guys don’t possess to meet and ask strangers if they’d be into such a thing while out at a vanilla bar. He may have been smart though and prearranged for certain guys to be there. That was my subtle way of helping you out if you are a man married to a hotwife who likes that scenario. Easier to get some lifestyle guys to meet at the vanilla bar that finds them from scratch.
The point though, the fantasy and potential can be hot even if the actuality doesn’t manifest.
Another example, one mentioned above was ‘The hotwife is free to use by any man who notices and comments on a hotwife-specific anklet.’
All well and good, but even if she has an anklet with an H and W and a Vixen charm on it too, it’ll be rarely noticed. It could say “HOTWIFE” or “VIXEN” in big blingy diamonds and it will rarely be noticed. It is an anklet, low to the ground, oft-hidden in shadows, and not well into normal eyesight range. Put a short skirt into the picture and it makes it worse rather than better because you will now have eyes traveling legs. They’ll see it, but not notice details usually. The potential of it being noticed, however rare is what makes it sexy and fun.

So there you have it. The scoop on Free Use Hotwives and the games they may play.

As I always have an awesome shirt design to go with my posts, I’ll give you this one.
It isn’t a little anklet in the shadows nobody will see if you go for a T-shirt. It is a peaches and cream shirt which makes for a nice innuendo, but is really just one of the most loved traditional American desserts in existence. Yummy for breakfast too. Anytime I make a design with peaches my head sings millions of peaches, peaches for free. The band that made that song is from my area so I saw them.

Free Use Hotwives peach shirt

You can get this design HERE – Free Use by Vixen Games. Fun, nice innuendo, and straight up says “Free Use,” but unless just the right person saw it, doubtful anybody will understand it. It’ll help you not much more than an anklet in meeting people. It will be a fun between yourselves thing though, and it would be awesome for wearing on the day (if you have a specific day) you choose for free use. Even if you’re just staying home. It is available on shirts, hoodies, stickers, coasters, an apron, a mini skirt, and phone cases.

Since Free Use Hotwives aren’t the norm I doubt this will be a top seller in our Vixen Hotwife shirt line-up, but one of my goals is to make something for everyone who participates in a monogamish lifestyle. With that being a goal I think I made a darn fun shirt here for not just hotwives, but anybody who plays with free use situations as a game or general kink. Yes, even the 100% monogamous crowd.