Blindfolded with a stranger

A very common fantasy that many women enjoy is to engage in mystery sex. Blindfolded with a stranger, and wondering who they are. This fantasy can have many twists and turns rather than just being blindfolded with a stranger. To be tied and never allowed to know who it was is one such variation. In other cases the woman may want to take the blindfold off mid-act and be surprised. There are literally hundreds of minor plot twists to this fantasy, and all are great in fantasy land.
Bringing this scenario to life is not a reality for most women.
For a Vixen wife however, it is a very possible real-life scenario. Her Stag can make it so. He can make it become a reality in a safe and controlled manner. For a Vixen wife the fantasy of being blindfolded with a stranger is just another game to add to the menu if she and her Stag husband agree.
In the case of a Vixen and Stag, it may even be a shared fantasy. The husband is an orchestrator of the event who gets to watch it all play out while his beautiful Vixen lives the experience.

Vixen Hotwife Games T-shirt blindfolded with a stranger design

You can get this design HERE – The Games We Play Vixen Dream by Vixen Games.

The most common way this Vixen game is played is simply that the wife is blindfolded and her husband has arranged for a man or men to ravish her. She is to leave the blindfold on the entire time. Her husband watches and often participates. In the end, she may remove the blindfold, or she may leave it on until the men her husband procured have left.
Curiosity will drive her nuts if she leaves it on. If the Stag has taken a few pictures he will have images of the activities she can see at a later date. This can be pre-arranged or viewings of the photos can be withheld as an added part of the game.

The next most common way this Vixen Game is played is to use restraints.
How she is restrained should be up to you both, and in a way she is comfortable. If you are lucky it may be a long time she is tied.
From a visual standpoint as a watcher, I like her on her back with arms tied spread and legs free. This is the best way for me personally if I am just watching. It is sexy.
If I am to participate I find having her tied face down on the bed or bent over the side of the bed with her body resting on it is best. The reason for this is that I get off on the idea she may not know if it is me or another person. For this scenario having just one man show up isn’t so great because it is easy to tell the difference between two people. Three plus me is the winner here.
Obviously, this is much harder to arrange and not all Vixens are into a four-man evening.
My Vixen says I don’t count as one of them so it is just three in her mind.
The wondering when and if it is me is sexually arousing for her and for me knowing she is trying to figure it out as it happens is arousing for me.
As previously mentioned though, not an easy situation to set up under normal circumstances.
One man will most likely be the reality so the guessing game isn’t going to be a part of it.
It is still fun to participate though obviously, and with her tied, she has no control. It is all in the hands of the Stag.
With that said, I am a watcher.
My way is to watch and take a few pictures, and the blindfold doesn’t come off until our extra has left. She is then untied and hopefully into being immediately reclaimed. Once untied the power dynamic shifts and she controls the rest of the evening.

Things to consider and discuss before playing this game are many. Always discuss everything thoroughly before adding a new Vixen game to your arsenal of fun shenanigans.

A few suggestions:

  1. Safe words. You should already have safe words if you are a Vixen Stag couple, but in this case, it is doubly important as the Vixen is tied and helpless without her Stag husband. She needs to be able to communicate that a situation needs to be resolved.
  2. Condoms or bare? Creampies may be sexy, and bareback may feel better, and many hotwives get off on being creampied, but again we are dealing with a situation where she as a woman has relinquished control of her body to her Stag and is being fucked by a man she has never seen. Ask and get clarification beforehand what her desire is if you are the Stag. Many hotwives are extremely turned on for days knowing a person they’ve never seen has filled them with cum. Others may feel differently. Discuss.
  3. Sensory deprivation levels? How far is this to be taken? She is blindfolded, but what about sound? Don’t muff her ears unless she has pre-approved it. Blocking out sound increases physical sensations and also adds to the mystery, but it also is another level of physical surrender to the situation and her Stag. This is a huge level of trust. Light muffs will allow for whispering and low talk, and total sound blockers will allow for normal talk. You can also use headphones and play music to block things out. Choose the playlist carefully to not spoil the mood.
  4. Friend or stranger? Many people don’t play with vanilla friends for a lot of good reasons. I am one who believes in that rule. This particular game however lends itself well to either if as part of the game, the Vixen is not going to be unblindfolded or shown pictures. Many Stags are extremely proud of their Vixen wives and want to share her partially because they want people to know how amazing she is. If your Vixen doesn’t mind it being a mystery friend or stranger because she won’t know which it is this can be the chance to show off what you as a Stag have without things being as apt to get weird after. A bonus is she’ll wonder who. Note that you should choose VERY wisely. People talk and people behave in ways they claim they won’t. If you are especially worried about being outed or of friend group drama I’d suggest just avoiding friends.
  5. Time of activity is also important. Discuss how long the event should carry on at a maximum length. The point is enjoyment, not discomfort.

Obviously, if you are a Vixen and Stag couple you already have a few base rules. These were just scenario-specific things. If you’d like to read about Hotwifing rules can check out Hotwifing Rules where I covered a bit on that and used our own original rules and how we created them as an example. You will notice that the very first finalized rule was “Two men max. (but I don’t count)” This rule counts if she is blindfolded with a stranger, but it doesn’t count if she is tied face down and blindfolded because of the being able to tell who is who game. This is an example of rules having exceptions and discussions being needed. Two men max has to do with feeling overwhelmed. If tied down face down and blindfolded with me as the director of the actions she feels safe, has no ability to do anything except lay there so doesn’t feel overwhelmed, and can therefore relax and enjoy. Instead of a maximum number of participants, we have a maximum time. Note that such things should be updated regularly.

So, the big plusses from this Vixen Game… For the Stag it is setting everything up to his liking and getting to watch. It is also knowing who when she doesn’t, either permanently of temporarily depending on how you play. It is also the great feeling of knowing your Vixen loves and trusts you enough to hand herself over to you in such a way if restraints are included.
For the Vixen it is the mystery of it, the physical pleasures, the release of control, and knowing she is giving her Stag a show. If restraints are involved you can add in the relaxation of not having to do anything herself except enjoy the experience.
Overall it is a very fun activity for all involved.

To make sure it is fun I’m adding some extra advice regarding the extra playmates or playmates brought in for this. When setting this up you as the Stag must be very clear with instructions about what they can and can’t do with your wife beforehand. She will be blindfolded and possibly restrained. She will not be able to guide the person as she normally does or send signals in the same way. To make sure this is a pleasant experience you must be specific beforehand. She likes this, and this, and this, not that or this. That sort of thing. If you don’t know what she likes and dislikes to that level you shouldn’t be playing around with such games.

The design shown above… You can get it HERE – The Games We Play Vixen Dream by Vixen Games.

There is another design (and post) on the blindfolded with a stranger topic which can be found HERE – Sometimes A Mystery which is, to be honest, one of my favorite Vixen Games. A bit of a repeat, but also some different stuff including advice on the blindfold. You will note that with both T-shirt designs the blindfolds are doubled over. Having your Vixen blindfolded with a stranger is useless if she can peek.

Like our designs? Here you can see Where To Get All Our Vixen Hotwife & Stag Shirts!

Coming soon is another variation on having your Vixen blindfolded with a stranger. My fave and naughtiest version of the game.

Remember folks, keep it consensual, discuss, and play safe.

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