The No Kissing Rule

The No Kissing Rule is something a lot of couples who enter swinging start with. It is also a thing some hotwives start with.Usually, it doesn’t last long if the couple takes to the swinger lifestyle, and the same goes for hotwifing.Most swingers will avoid playing with couples who have this rule. Either they think … Read more

No Bull

Hotwife, Vixen, Bull, Cuck, Stag, Swinger, Buck, Cougar, etc. are all labels that help identify what type of play or lifestyle dynamics certain types enjoy and partake in when it comes to consensual nonmonogamy. These terms also can be problematic. They are extremely generic in what they mean and will sometimes lead to confusion or … Read more

It’s not cheating if my husband watches

We who play Vixen Games have pretty much all heard the saying “It’s not cheating if my husband watches, and most of us have probably said it at one time or another. Either seriously or in jest we’ve most likely said It’s not cheating if my husband watches both around other people with monogamish playstyles … Read more