Hotwives Are The Best Wives – Lips

Are hotwives the best wives? Duh!
Just kidding, it isn’t a “duh” type answer, but for some it is.
Being a hotwife is amazing for some, but could be a crazy nightmare ride for others. The same can be said for being married to a woman who is a hotwife, or even a woman who wants to be a hotwife. People are wired very differently from each other and they grow and learn in all sorts of ways.
Jealousy, insecurities, and straight-up negativity could all be dominant traits in a person’s psyche that make even the possibility of any sort of nonmonogamy become outlandish.

You are here reading this at Vixen Games though, so I’m assuming you are a bit more open-minded, and are probably in agreement with the statement that Hotwives are the best wives.

Hotwives are the best wives T-Shirt lips design for hotwives and those that love them

Like this design? I do. Simple, and subtle, but to the point. Nice pair of lips and it says Hotwives are the best wives. The image is a little bit translucent so the lip color is always made with a bit of the T-shirt color because it shines through.

Hotwives are the best wives lips design placement on shirt.

From a ways back you can’t read it. Just looks like a simple lips design. Get a bit closer and the font saying Hotwives are the best wives appears. That last image is a screen from the sales page. You can find the T-shirt HERE – Hotwives are the best wives lips relaxed fit T-Shirt via the Vixen Games Redbubble.
Alternately you can get it in different styles on our Vixen Games Spreadshop, and fun leggings can be had HERE – Hotwives are the best wives Leggings – on our Vixen Love Zazzle if you’re a bit more out and loud or going someplace fun where it doesn’t matter one bit what your nosy neighbors think.

So, why are Hotwives the best wives?
I can only answer with my own opinions, and for me, I like the Vixen and Stag dynamic. In that, we have a very specific sort of hotwife, so my list aims at why Vixen wives are the best wives, and only at how they would relate to my own tastes. So a few things on the top of my list are…

  1. Vixen hotwives are almost always funner, and funnier than vanilla wives because they are more playful in not just the sexual department, but in everything. Playfulness disappears from many as we age, and Vixens regularly get to play. Playfulness and humor are important aspects of life.
  2. Vixen hotwives are apt to be more open and better at communicating than vanilla wives because the Vixen and stag dynamic requires constantly being open, honest, and sharing feelings and thoughts, so they become more practiced.
  3. Vixen hotwives constantly keep the home fires burning because they become more sexually confident through their activities and their self-esteem is bolstered by the attention they get playing and the attention of their stag husband.
  4. Vixen hotwives usually like to tease and play with their stag husbands constantly. This can exist in a vanilla relationship, but it seems very rare after a number of years.
  5. Vixen wives are almost always completely faithful to their stags. This may sound contrary to the hard and fast monogamous crowd, but I’m talking about cheating here. Cheating is something sneaky and untruthful. People in consensually nonmonogamous relationships of all types are less apt to cheat, and some types have fewer occurrences than others. The Stag and Vixen, and swinging style partnerships have less than most.
  6. Vixen wives are sexy as can be. The act of being a vixen is sexy and the scenarios they engage in lift a vixen’s sexiness. However sexy they would have been, they are sexier as Vixen Hotwives. Confidence in your sexuality always does that to a person, and Vixens get that in huge amounts.

Ending it there, but I could easily go on. I didn’t even touch on any of the bonus perks in the sex department on that list, and let me say that being married to a naughty vixen if you’re into naughty vixens is pretty much an explosion of awesomeness in the sex department. All my Own opinions of course, but I am into it so it works for me.

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