The Best Show On Earth

If you are a Stag married to a Vixen wife then there is only one thing “The Best Show On Earth” could mean. For a Stag husband who thinks his Vixen is hotter than the sun on a hot August morning the best show on earth is watching that hottie of his be hot. Watching the sexiest girl he knows be sexy. Is there anything hotter or more sexy than sex itself? Nope, so watching his sexy Hotwife doing the wild thing is simply the best show on earth for a Stag husband.

The best show on earth for a Stag is watching his hotwife shirt design

I designed this one for myself. I have been designing these Stag, Vixen hotwife shirts with mostly others in mind, but this time I was like “What would I want?” This is the shirt. You can get it HERE – Best Show On Earth Shirt For Stag Husbands.

My kick is the girl. Above all other things, she is to me the most beautiful and sexy woman to ever cross my eyes. Everything about her captures my senses. It isn’t just how she looks, it is how she walks, sits, and moves in general. It is her laugh, her voice, and the way she thinks and makes decisions. It is the things that entertain her, excite her, scare her, and sometimes even the things that annoy her. I have an endless fascination with her.

I’m a visual person. I’m more visual than hands-on. I’m pretty hands-on, so that is saying a lot. The point is that when you look at my senses, taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight, I am probably taking in the world with a good 70% vision alone. Then the other 30% is a mix of the other senses depending on the situation. Blindfold me or put me in the dark, and the other senses come forward more, but it isn’t the same. I am a watcher. The thing I like to watch, to look at, to take in with my eyes the most is her.

We can be anywhere and I’ll be peeking at her. Watching acrobats, or a car trying to break a jumping record would have me peeking at her during the most exciting parts because I am needing to see her reaction.

So for a person like me, someone visual who is obsessed over the beauty and ways of my Vixen, obviously she is if in her sexiest and hottest moments going to be the greatest show on earth to me. Those hottest and sexiest moments are going to be when doing sexy things. Sex. Yes indeed.

So with this shirt design I put a Vixen fox in the forefront. There is a black bull behind her. The floral stuff was mostly ornamental, but for the thorny part I snuck in the shapes of Stag antlers. Basically, I created a design I could wear anywhere anytime. It says The Best Show On Earth for the reasons mentioned above. If I wear it and am asked by a person I don’t wish to explain it to I’ll have to make up something on the fly. I also will be putting the design without the text up on the Vixen Games TeePublic Store pretty soon for those who just wish to have a shirt with the visual representation and no text. Then you could even wear it to church without worry.

I’m sticking with the best show on Earth version myself. Get it HERE – Best Show On Earth Shirt For Stag Husbands.

If you are a Hotwife reading this, and know your husband would love that design because he just loves to watch you, just remember that we who are your men know without a doubt that Hotwives are the best wives. You’re doubly adored for what you do by a guy who already adored you.