Vixen Stag and Hotwife T-Shirts on TeePublic

Vixen Stag Hotwife T-Shirts by Vixen Games

For the last couple of days, I have been uploading designs sporadically to the new Vixen-Games TeePublic Store I made. Obviously, the themes are Vixen Stag and Hotwife T-Shirts since I am posting it here.
The platform seems easy enough to work with, and it isn’t crazy slow like some print-on-demand places, but the tagging system is annoying. I like to tag specifically to a design. Long tags like vixen stag and hotwife if it was for this post as an example. It lets you do this, but they aren’t clickable unless it is a common tag. I can write “Vixen wife” for a T-shirt design tag, but people can’t click it. I can write “Vixen” as a tag and they can. That brings people to a bunch of foxes.
I can write “Vixen and stag dynamic” for a tag, but it is not clickable. I end up using generic tags for the T-shirts like “swinger” or “hotwife” by itself. Visitors to the tag “hotwife” end up viewing a ton of shirts that just say that on it along with simple text designs that say things like “Black Cock Slut.” They must scroll through those lame and simple designs someone made in 2 seconds to find decent stuff or original things. Also, the view adult content option exists only at the bottom of scrolling through each page, is easy to miss, and makes people not see a lot of designs because they have a safe filter on without knowing it. If you do turn the safe filter off you get a lot of very NSFW designs showing up which most people could or would never wear as T-shirts. I have no problem with those types of designs and make them myself even, but maybe an in-between rating system would be an option???

My last complaint (so far) is that when changing the design size on one shirt it changes them all. I get that is great for mass uploading, but I am particular about how things look and have personal tastes I like to cater to so I feel like I made something cool I would wear as a shirt design myself. For example, I like larger designs on a hoodie than a tank top, and usually something in between on a T-shirt. A cute little Vixen design about 5″ long on the Chest of a fitted T-shirt looks silly that small (not always) in the center of a hoodie.

Plus side…. easy to use. Products look satisfactory on the pages. The area for describing the work is not so limited it can’t be described in full. Their content guidelines seem better than most sites of the type in their FAQ, but then again, I’ve not tested the boundaries yet.

I’ll wait and see how things sell on the site before ordering anything myself. You all would go buy some T-shirts or at least a magnet or sticker so I can watch the stats a bit. Stickers are $2.50 I believe. Here is the store link again VIXEN-GAMES-TeePublic. Stickers are usually more versatile than magnets when it comes to these types of designs. They can be put on virtually anything for the times you want them showing, then gone from sight. I consider a lot of the designs I have been making as flirty advertising-type designs for you (the wearer) to use to bring about questions and opportunities you’d otherwise not have in the real of hotwife play. No matter how acceptable Vixen and Stag relationships should be to the general public, they aren’t given the full thumbs up yet. My T-shirt designs are mostly meant to be G-rated and safe to wear anyplace, but not all are unless you are a super out and proud hotwife or stag.

So, 40+ Vixen Stag and Hotwife T-shirts were put on the site in 2 days. Many I’ve not even begun to think about posting here yet. Innuendos, funny stuff, a few semi-explicit shirts, some Queen Of Spades stuff, and lots of wordplay with imagery like peaches and roosters aka Cocks. Primarily though I have uploaded images that are vixen and stag-related or generically hotwife-themed. If you aren’t into it for yourself as a Stag or Vixen, then get gifty and get your honey a T-shirt that suits them.

Once again… Go check it out – HERE.

Check back weekly as I am really trying to make a bunch of cool and original stuff for playcouples. All sorts, but primarily Vixen-driven because that is my own personal mental focus. Even so, by the end of a year I hope I have made THE BEST designs ever that cover hotwifing, swinging, cuckqueaning, etc. After delving into the design side for Vixen and Stag dynamics I have realized there is really not a lot of cool T-shirts out there for these topics in general.

If you have any cool ideas for Vixen Stag and Hotwife T-Shirts you’d like to see as shirt designs that you’ve never run across before tell me about the idea. I have left comments open on this one just for that reason.

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