Hotwife wedding rings

When cruising around the internet I’m regularly running into subject matter revolving around hotwife wedding rings. Sometimes it is adult media where people are pointing out the rings, and often captioned “wedding ring showing,” and sometimes it is just people talking about the hotness of it showing.Usually, it is focused on a viewpoint from the … Read more

Vixen Definition

What is a Vixen and what does Vixen mean are questions I see on a daily basis when I’m scrolling through my various feeds online. The Vixen Definition seems to be something people outside of the little world Stags and Vixens play in like to argue about. People who don’t know any Vixens playing expert … Read more


Locktober is a lot of different things to different people. It is a way certain people fight the perceived misogyny in the world. It is a thing for some types of Gym rats that they think helps them gain muscle. Loctober is something people do as an anti-incel type protest. It is “Giving Power” back … Read more