Subtle Vixen Games

The Stag and Vixen dynamic is a dynamic based on trust, closeness, and love amongst other things. It creates an openness between the couple that is rarely achieved in completely monogamous relationships. The sexual shenanigans Stags and Vixens get up to are a part of what causes this, but it is more of a catalyst … Read more

My Husband Will Drive

Of the more common Vixen Games played one of the favorites for many couples is both easy and hard to play depending on where you live, how you interact with people socially, and the types of places you frequent when going out. That game is basically one I like to call “My Husband Will Drive.” … Read more

Hotwives on vacation

Some hotwives are out and proud with their lifestyle. Most however keep it under wraps. It is a secret part of their lives from all or most people they know outside of a very few who don’t also partake in the games. The reasons for keeping it secret are many. Work, family, and constantly needing … Read more