Skin color in hotwifing

When I made this particular shirt design my idea was to create something for a Vixen hotwife that wasn’t into the race play that is so hard-pushed on the internet. The whole BBC and Queen Of Spades thing makes up what appears to be a majority of the adult-oriented content (porn) pushed at people into hotwifing, and it is a big part of what the public hotwives who post personal content online push as well.
This has made skin color in hotwifing a big-time thing in many people’s fantasy play. What we see feeds our ideas.
A quick search on the topic on any of the less censored social media platforms, hotwife, stag, cuck, or swinger forums will show this.
White, Hispanic, and Asian women seeking BBC or playing with BBC, (That is Big Black Cock if you don’t know) and Black, Latino, and Indian women playing with BWC (Big White Cock) for the most part is what you’ll find. Basically, it gives the impression that skin color in hotwifing is a huge thing. Race-play rules the internet on the subject of hotwife activities.

Skin Color in Hotwifing Vixen Games T-Shirt design

If you’re just here for the shirt via search… Go HERE – Vixen Games Three Cocks fox.
How big a deal is it in real life though?
Not as big as the internet would have you believe, but still pretty big.
Black men who are clean, articulate, witty, and can perform are a very highly desired commodity amongst hotwives and in swinging in the USA. The reason I’d assume is that people tend to primarily live and play within their own groups in America. White people know more whites, Asians know more Asians, etc. Some cross-over exists because of jobs, hobbies, or areas you may live in, but in general, this is true. Hotwifing and swinging are extracurricular activities, hobbies with fireworks. In these situations, you are stepping outside of your normal groupings. Whites, then Asians, then Hispanics seem to make up the bulk of hotwives and swinger wives in the USA. I can’t speak for other countries as I do not have enough experience with the scene in other places. In certain areas, if you go to clubs or takeovers black women, who are in the minority are the highest-demand commodity. The point is that it depends on location and population base a lot.

With all that said… Skin color in hotwifing, though a big deal for some, and a minor thing for a lot, is actually not that important for the majority of people playing with others. Yes the white woman may be into the idea of BBC and the black woman may be into BWC, and their husbands may get a special kick out of it on occasion. Yes, the skin contrast can be super hot, especially at the point of penetration between people with vastly different tones, but in general, it is for most a secondary thing, or it is just one of the various games they like to play.

For some the entire subject is annoying. This T-shirt design was created with the intention of it being taken as “I don’t care about the color of the cock,” or “all the colors are good.” The design is of a Vixen above three cocks of various colors, white, brown, and almost black brown. It says Vixen Games because it seemed like I was making it say “I am a Vixen, I play, and I like all the cocks.”

After putting it out there it came to my attention that though it does say what I hoped, others made it into “I want all the colors.” Back to race play, but in a different way.

Please note that I am not downing race play or saying it is out of place in the lifestyle. People love it, it creates bonds, and it is fun for those who partake. As a very visual person, I particularly like the color contrasts of skin myself, and it adds to the show. It isn’t a go-to fetish in any way for me however as a spectator. It adds a bit of excitement visually, but not enough to seek it out specifically. Then again, I’ve traveled a lot, and I’ve done a lot. The novelty that drives some people doesn’t exist in me. Been there, done that, and enough times it is a blur. I’ve my kinks plenty, but race isn’t one of them. Personality, politeness, the ability to have a conversation and an easygoing attitude towards whatever play is at hand are what makes me sold a person.

Oh, and if I’m going to be the watcher of my partner with a man, I am going to be sold on the male by his lust for her, and his respect for her. A queen should be treated like a queen.

As for her stated tastes, all the colors are good, bigger than average preferred, but not required, lasts a long time, and has good rhythm. Bonus points if they can repeat because she gets off on making me wait. Skin color isn’t a huge thing for her either.

Link for the shirt again – Go HERE – Vixen Games Three Cocks fox.

Vixen games Vixen on three cocks of different colors iPhone case for Vixen Hotwives. Design by Vixen Games.

If you are more into a phone case after my last post where I mentioned my newfound love of the things, you can get this case HERE – Vixen Games Cocks Phone Case.

So, That was my little bit on skin color in hotwifing which was brought on by my own design.
If you are into the race play, BBC, BWC, being a Queen of Spades, being a Bull, etc. just be into it. All the games are about fun.
If I ever get a chance to vacation in Jamacia (I’ve never been) I’m going to be calling my girl a Queen Of Spades for at least a year afterward. Maybe an empress of Spades if she is naughty enough.

If you enjoyed reading this post I’d recommend reading my post on Size Preferences For Hotwives, as it is similar in many ways regarding people’s perception of what Hotwives are doing, and want, vs. what they are actually doing and want.

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