The Lifestyle and Christmas

The lifestyle and Christmas probably seem like two things that wouldn’t mix for the uninitiated. Vanilla friends, family, work parties, shopping, decorating, etc. would seem to fill the month. It does. For people in the Swingers lifestyle the month of December is even more hectic sometimes. Both Christmas and New Year’s Eve are big party … Read more

Sweet cherry pie

Not all our designs are meant specifically for Vixens. Sometimes they are for Vixens and whoever else is feeling the vibe. This pie design for example is simply meant to be a fun and flirty Shirt, sticker, phone case, whatever… sweet cherry pie is both innocent and naughty, but has a grade A+ flirt factor … Read more

Flirty suggestive T-shirts

Visual innuendos, double entendres, obvious allusions, etc. Oh, how I love them, and they certainly make for great flirty suggestive T-shirts. Here I have a couple of flirty suggestive T-shirts for you that are pretty obvious, with one being punny, and the other just suggestive. This first one works for both men and women. It … Read more