T-shirt Roundup from April 2024

It is time for the Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from April 2024.

We were very busy adding new hotwife, vixen, stag, and swinger lifestyle shirt designs to our Vixen Games Designs site this month.
We ended up neglecting the lifestyle articles here on Vixen Games a bit towards the end, but luckily we started the month with a bang.
That means Vixen Games T-shirt Roundup from April 2024 is still going to be great.
I know you were worried.

First up is this great shirt design.

Showing off with wife sharing is number one from the T-shirt Roundup from April

The piece that goes with it is Showing off with wife sharing.
A look at the mindset of men who like to show off their wives in the ultimate fashion. Yes, sharing them sexually with others. Why do they do it? What are they getting out of it? Depends on the personality of the man and the relationship dynamics of the couple.
The T-shirt design itself shows a man and a woman starting up a moment, or maybe in it, and a man with Stag antlers behind them with a big proudful and excited smile.

Vixen Games are what hotels are for

Next up is Vixen Games are what hotels are for. Hotels are where most of us play. Vixens and Stags that is. Many swinger lifestyle people prefer hotels as well. The reasons why are pretty obvious. The shirt design for this article features a happy wife who has just had a great time sitting on a messy bed. In the background, you can see her Stag husband smiling happily in a chair. Every hotel room has a chair.

Hotwife Photography T-shirt

If you like to take pictures of your hotwife in action this North American Hotwife Photography Association T-shirt from Vixen Games with a happy and excited husband holding a Vixen-Games camera is the shirt for you. The article ( Hotwife Photography ) talks about the various reasons some men who are married to hotwives love to take pictures of their wives in action.

Enjoy Hotwives Hoodie From Vixen Games Designs

The Enjoy Hotwives Hoodie shown here doesn’t have much to do with the article it companies which is about Hotwifing labels and slurs. Everyone gets a label nowadays, and sometimes they are great because they help us understand a person. Sometimes however they can be misleading. Also, we have when it comes to anybody not making up the majority in a society a bunch of slurs that can come along with being whatever type of person you may be, and with living a life not considered the norm.

My Husband Shares Hotwife Swinger Shirt

This next T-shirt design which says “MY Husband Shares” goes along with a piece titled Being a shared wife. More on terminology and how people perceive the idea of “wife sharing” historically and depending on age from the perspective of yours truly, who has watched these things change through the last few decades.

Why Vixen Wives have happy lives T-shirt

Why Vixen Wives Have Happy Lives seems pretty obvious, but it may not be as obvious as you’d think. There are so many various reasons Vixen Hotwives have such happy lives.

Kissing Booth Hotwife Vixen Lifestyle ending our T-shirt Roundup from April

Lastly for our T-shirt Roundup from April 2024 is this fun Kissing Booth T-shirt design that goes along with a piece on the no kissing rule. The No Kissing Rule is something a lot of couples who enter swinging start with. It is also a thing some hotwives start with.
Usually, it doesn’t last long if the couple takes to the swinger lifestyle, and the same goes for hotwifing. How well does this rule work? Does it last? What do others think about it?

I think that made for a pretty good T-shirt Roundup from April 2024 considering our neglect the second half of the month. That neglect was from our adding so many awesome new designs on the Vixen Games Designs Board, so it wasn’t being lazy. Go check them out. Share them around on your social media sites as well. Same with our articles here on this site, we hope that even though our lifestyle is a small niche someday we can devote more time to these sites. Your help spreading the word is appreciated.

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