Hotwife teasing 101

Most hotwives enjoy teasing their husbands, and most men who are married to a hotwife enjoy being teased. The type and level of teasing will vary based on the overall relationship dynamics, but in general, teasing is a common part of the hotwife lifestyle. Thus, Hotwife teasing 101. This is going to be geared towards … Read more

Hotwifing Rules

Welcome to Hotwife University. This particular post is for people new to the hotwife life and is particularly aimed at those interested in the Stag and Vixen dynamic. It applies to all sorts of hotwing activities, swinging, and some other variations of monogamish lifestyles. Today we will be discussing rules. Hotwifing rules to be more … Read more

Vanilla Vixen Hotwife

The term Vanilla when it comes to sex means different things to different people. There are people who are so vanilla in my opinion and by my standards that it is almost ridiculous that think they are not vanilla. They think of vanilla sex as missionary sex plus kissing and fondling. Going beyond that is … Read more

Sometimes A Mystery

Stags and vixens love their games and their fantasies. Unlike people in the vanilla world, many stag and vixen couples actively work to realize their fantasies in the flesh. Sometimes it works out and becomes a staple part of their play, and other times it turns out to be not so fabulous as a real-life … Read more

Hotwives on vacation

Some hotwives are out and proud with their lifestyle. Most however keep it under wraps. It is a secret part of their lives from all or most people they know outside of a very few who don’t also partake in the games. The reasons for keeping it secret are many. Work, family, and constantly needing … Read more