Part time bull rider – Full time Vixen

For some people being a Hotwife is one of the more dominant aspects of their life. They are always playing and much of their lives revolve around hotwifing. Others may include hotwifing activities in their lives as more of a rare occasional activity. The majority of Hotwives fall somewhere in the middle. The activities are … Read more

What is a stag husband?

What exactly is a stag husband? This is a common question. It is at its core easy to answer if going with the most simple definition. A Stag husband is a man who actively participates in facilitating or observing his wife’s sexual encounters with other people. He receives personal pleasure from encouraging and providing a … Read more

Hotwife teasing 101

Most hotwives enjoy teasing their husbands, and most men who are married to a hotwife enjoy being teased. The type and level of teasing will vary based on the overall relationship dynamics, but in general, teasing is a common part of the hotwife lifestyle. Thus, Hotwife teasing 101. This is going to be geared towards … Read more

A Generic definition of what a Vixen Hotwife is

A regular topic that comes up when people are starting to explore hotwifing and other forms of monogamish lifestyle dynamics is what a Vixen Hotwife is.Basically, my goal here is to share a very basic description of a Vixen. Give you a generic definition of what a Vixen Hotwife is to play around with in … Read more


Monogamish is a funny-sounding word, and for many people a funny thing to be, or think of being. Funny as in strange, not as in haha. Many people look at the world and try to paint it as black or white. They live in an either-or-type universe. That makes it so they can understand being … Read more

Does your husband approve?

The question is usually a bit more passive, something like “Does your husband know?” or “Is your husband ok with it?” rather than a strait “Does your husband approve?” It is still basically the same question. It is a valid question for people not in the know. As are the more direct versions which often … Read more